GOP delegate says she’ll vote Hillary over Trump: My right and duty to stop him

The #NeverTrump portion of the Republican Party are willing to take it to the extreme.

Couple has owl deliver wedding rings, until idea goes hilariously WRONG

The decision to have an owl deliver the wedding rings to a couple at their nuptials turned out to be a bad one.

Gun range customer thinks firearm isn’t working, gets rude awakening when THIS happens

A man at a gun range disregarded the first rule of gun safety — assume that every firearm you handle is loaded.

Watch: Never-before-seen video prosecutor used to throw out Michelle Fields’ case

Want more hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning blast HERE Once-secret video footage shows the entire story behind the Donald Trump-Michelle Fields controversy. A video obtained […]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo defends Trump campaign spokeswoman

Chris Cuomo defended Katrina Pierson, the official national spokeswoman for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign after the two were embattled in a spirited exchange on CNN’s New Day […]

Obama finally found something he’s good at

President Obama finally discovered his hidden talent — unfortunately it has nothing to do with running the country.

‘Democratic whores’ starts trending – Sanders surrogate forced to apologize to Hillary

Democrats are starting to put on show rivaling the spectacle that is the 2016 GOP primary.

Karl Rove’s American Crossroads Super PAC softening anti-Trump position

A Karl Rove-affiliated Super PAC is warming up to the idea of Donald Trump becoming the Republican presidential nominee, despite the former Bush adviser’s skepticism for the New […]

Bikini-clad model splashes herself with famous food in ultra racy video; Christian chain owners threaten lawsuit

Here’s proof free publicity isn’t always a good thing.

Bombshell: ISIS training camp just a few miles away from US Southern border, Mexican officials confirm

Terrorism is much closer to home than the Obama administration is willing to admit. The Islamic State’s ISIS terrorist organization is operating a training camp just a […]

ISIS captive reports on prisonmate James Foley’s heartbreaking last words

ISIS captive, John Cantlie has reported on photojournalist James Foley’s heart wrenching last words before his horrific execution…

Liberals BASH Morgan Freeman into changing THIS non-controversial Facebook post

If you’re a celebrity, you’re simply expected to believe every liberal talking point. Actor Morgan Freeman quickly learned that after he posted a Facebook photo of himself […]

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