ISIS captive reports on prisonmate James Foley’s heartbreaking last words

Cantlie in latest ISIS video.

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ISIS captive, John Cantlie has reported on photojournalist James Foley’s heart wrenching last words before his horrific execution.

Cantlie was allowed to describe some of his imprisonment with Foley in an ISIS propaganda magazine, the Blaze reported.

“Great, captured on Thanksgiving Day, killed on my Mom’s birthday,” were the final words Foley reportedly said. Cantlie wrote that he knew something bad was about to happen the morning of Foley’s execution in August 2014.

“We’d all had our heads shaved early that morning and it was clear something was up.

“‘It’s just a video, be good for all of us,’ said James. ‘No,’ I replied. ‘This isn’t just a video.’”

Cantlie was kidnapped for the second time by ISIS in 2012 and is thought to have been kept alive for propaganda purposes. His first escape was with the help of the Free Syrian Army. This time, Cantlie hasn’t been as fortunate, and has seemingly been made the face of ISIS promotion.

The latest ISIS video features Cantlie bashing Obama. Something Cantlie does when he is allowed to write supposedly on his own.

“Make no mistake about it, the mujahidin follow the Quran to the letter, say what they mean, and mean what they say. They don’t play games, a fact that was not lost on the European countries whose citizens were prisoners. America, on the other hand, chose to glibly ignore the disaster that was coming their way…” he wrote.

Cantlie alleges Foley’s mother, along with family members from other hostages were threatened by the national Security Council.

“The threat was simple: if you try to raise ransom to save your son’s life, you could face charges for funding terrorism,” he wrote.

He accuses Obama of spending billions on a war, and having virtually zero victory to show for it. Something that was echoed in the latest ISIS video released last month where he was forced to narrate:

After 20 months and $5 billion, America has successfully destroyed an Islamic state media kiosk. If this is what Obama meant when he talked about degrading and ultimately destroying ISIS, he’s clearly got a long way to go yet. And you know what’s really just amazing, given the amount of money that America is spending on this war, it would go to the effort of destroying a small shack like this, in the middle of Mosul.

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