Liberals BASH Morgan Freeman into changing THIS non-controversial Facebook post

If you’re a celebrity, you’re simply expected to believe every liberal talking point.

Actor Morgan Freeman quickly learned that after he posted a Facebook photo of himself in Jerusalem, Israel while filming his “Story of God” series and then got blasted for it by pro-Palestine social media users.

Afterwards, Freeman deleted the “Israel” portion of the post.

Here’s his edited Facebook post:

Morgan Freeman FB post

Still, that did not stop outraged Facebook followers for lambasting Freeman for simply calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel, which it is, as Fox News noted.

“This is jerusalem capital of palestineeeeeeeee freeee free palestine,” one user wrote.

“This land is called ELKODS, and the flag behind you is just a small fault history that sooner or later will be corrected! Freedom Palestine,” another pro-Palestine user said.

Since Freeman’s Facebook post has gotten media buzz, though, pro-Israel users have flooded the photo with comments reading “Thank you for your support of Israel” and “Jerusalem, Israel, you stated it correctly in your original post. Screw the offended and misled imbeciles!”

A number of users said they were disappointed that Freeman had redacted “Israel” from his original post.

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