CNN’s Chris Cuomo defends Trump campaign spokeswoman

Chris Cuomo defended Katrina Pierson, the official national spokeswoman for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign after the two were embattled in a spirited exchange on CNN’s New Day Wednesday over the real estate mogul’s complaints concerning the Colorado convention. Cuomo also asked Pierson if it “was not hypocrisy of the highest order” for the Trump campaign to recruit seasoned GOP insider Paul Manafort.

After the exchange, Twitter users aired their grievances about the Trump spokeswoman, but the New Day co-host lauded her efforts.

Check out the heated exchange here:

Last month, Mediaite columnist Tommy Christopher called for Pierson to stop appearing on television, contending that she doesn’t to a good job for her candidate.

Pierson is a different story, because instead of just chewing and regurgitating campaign patter, she puts on a Benihana display of outright lies and onion-ring volcanoes of obnoxiousness which are, admittedly, perfectly in keeping with her candidate’s ethos, but a radical departure from a news organization’s duty to serve the public. Yes, all campaign flacks fall short of serving the public, but most of them also don’t actively harm them.

H/T: Mediaite


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