CNN anchor goes nuts when Wasserman Schultz can’t answer how DNC will stop ‘behemoth’ Trump

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was blasted by CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield for using talking points in response to how her party plans to take […]

Simple chart reveals troubling relationship between Obama policies and particular US jobs

The mining and coal industries lost tens of thousands of jobs last year alone according to federal data, mostly due to federal regulations and low-priced natural gas.

University cautions faculty not to ‘go there’ with ‘that student’ once guns are allowed on campus

With the state of Texas soon to require public universities to allow concealed guns on campus, the University of Houston held a forum to counsel faculty members on […]

Reid throws costly wrench at broken immigration courts

Some 77,000 cases are pending in Texas immigration courts, and that number is growing daily.

Social media explodes over CNN anchor’s condemnation of Melania Trump’s ‘racy’ photos

CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield went there in an interview with Donald Trump‘s spokesperson, asking if the GOP candidate’s wife could be First Lady material due to ‘racy’ photos […]

ss carson
Ben Carson defies liberal narrative during interview: ‘The way I am treated by the Left is racism’

No he didn’t. Republican presidential contender Ben Carson played the race card on Tuesday — against the political Left! Carson was being interviewed by Politico when he was […]

No take-backs: Germany sends ‘angry letters’ to countries refusing to take back migrants

Germany sent angry letters to 17 countries refusing to take their deported citizens back.

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WATCH: NFL player stands idly by as girlfriend, baby’s mama duke it out

The last thing the NFL needs is another domestic violence incident involving one of its players; but what if the player wasn’t actually involved in the violence? […]

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Viral video shows Army veteran’s maddening attempt to make VA appointment; pushes lawmaker to act

While our politicians wax poetically about all the effort put into improving the experience at Veterans Affairs medical centers, America’s military veterans dependent on that care continue […]

Mizzou students sign petition; want anti-free speech prof fired

Hundreds of students signed a petition Thursday to remove controversial professor Melissa Click from her position at the University of Missouri (Mizzou).

‘I went by the law’: Melania Trump defends her status as an immigrant

In a rare interview, Melania Trump met with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski to discuss a wide range of topics including her status as an immigrant. On “Morning Joe” on […]

BuzzFeed’s ‘race-baiting’ video targeting all things ‘white’ backfires bigtime

BuzzFeed has continued its business of dividing races with a new video where people of color describe how bad white is. Hot on the heels of a […]