Social media explodes over CNN anchor’s condemnation of Melania Trump’s ‘racy’ photos

CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield went there in an interview with Donald Trump‘s spokesperson, asking if the GOP candidate’s wife could be First Lady material due to ‘racy’ photos from her past.

Speaking with national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson on CNN Wednesday, Banfield said Melania Trump was “articulate,” “lovely” and a “very bright woman.” Apparently this was not enough to redeem her, in Banfield’s view, from the fact that the former model has “also done some pretty racy photo spreads in the past. I mean, Maxim magazine style racy photograph spreads.”

Pierson defended Melania, saying she “might be the beauty and the brains behind the organization,” noting that the photos Banfield referred to were from the former model’s past career and had no bearing on her ability to be first lady.

Banfield shared that it would be “hard to get your mind around the First Lady, living in the White House with those photographs out there,” ironically not bothered by the exploits of former President Clinton while at the same address. Pierson’s gracious rebuttal – all with a smile – made it clear the Trump campaign was not concerned with the issue.

“She was a model. That was her career,” she said of Melania.  “She is so strong as a woman and I believe, for myself, is such a role model.”

Reaction on social media was decidedly not in Banfield’s favor.



Frieda Powers


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