Secret Service agent brutally choke-slams Time magazine photographer at rowdy Trump rally

A Secret Service agent physically took-down a Time Magazine photographer at a Radford University Trump rally in Virginia Monday. As Chris Morris was led out of the room, […]

News anchor helps weather girl cover up awkward on-air wardrobe malfunction

There are more embarrassing things, as far as wardrobe malfunctions go. Liberte Chan, a meteorologist from KTLA-5, was the victim of a rather unique problem during her weather […]

Outspoken conservative Patricia Heaton makes her position on Trump crystal clear

Actress Patricia Heaton is a rarity in Hollywood. She’s an outspoken conservative. But there is one candidate that the “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “The Middle” star said […]

Cruz, Chris Wallace go at each other in painfully testy interview

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz got into a knockdown dragout fight with Fox News host Chris Wallace and accused him of pushing Donald Trump‘s talking points. The […]

Phallic snow creation reported as bias-incident, taken ‘very seriously’ by University – white male privilege?

The University of Michigan continued to struggle with its official position on sexuality, snow and freedom of expression when a Hall Director reported a giant snow penis as a bias incident.

Meet Swedish bikini-clad ‘Groping Guards’: Vigilantes make Middle East refugees behave at swimming pools

The steep price of liberal politics is on full display in Europe today. Taking matters into their own hands, a group of Swedish women have formed a […]

Student gets 2-year suspension for saying ‘black women aren’t hot’ – professor defends punishment

A new online documentary features several students and a professor defending the harsh punishment given to a college student who had the temerity to say, on the Internet, that black women are not attractive.

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Scarborough declares Trump’s ‘breathtaking’ KKK comments to be ‘disqualifying’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has finally broken with the Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. Pointing to a CNN interview on Sunday when Trump said it would be “unfair” to […]

Benghazi heroes: ‘In honor of those we have fought with,’ we proudly support Trump

The Donald J. Trump presidential campaign announced Sunday that two of the heroes who held off the terrorist attack at the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya […]

Rubio makes joke about size of Trump’s manhood . . . yes, he went there!

Marco Rubio hit Donald Trump with a shot below the belt – literally. On Sunday at a campaign rally in Roanoke, Virginia the Florida senator was lamenting […]

Former CIA director says military may flat out refuse to obey orders from Trump

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said that if Donald Trump takes over as president, the military may flat-out refuse to follow orders from Trump.

Yikes! Sean Hannity just opened a giant can of whoopass on Ann Coulter over one tweet

Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter touched off a nerve in Fox News host Sean Hannity, and threw what was the opening salvo in a skirmish between […]

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