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Meet Swedish bikini-clad ‘Groping Guards’: Vigilantes make Middle East refugees behave at swimming pools

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The steep price of liberal politics is on full display in Europe today.

Taking matters into their own hands, a group of Swedish women have formed a vigilante group to help keep Middle East refugees at bay when women go swimming.

Called the “Groping Guards,” the all-women team patrols Sweden’s swimming pools wearing bikinis.

“We are here to teach these boys they must learn to behave,” Siri Bernhardsson told the Daily Mail. “We are tired of men thinking they can come to Sweden and molest women when all we want is to be left in peace to swim without being felt up.”

The assistant nurse told the British newspaper that the problem of women being groped has reached epidemic proportions.

“Loads of women write to us and say that they have been groped by young men,” she said. “It happens at concerts, in train stations and in swimming pools.”

The women live in the town of Kalmar, south of Stockholm, which has 34 immigration detention centers and more planned to accommodate another 6,000 arrivals, according to the Mail — the town’s population is only 36,000.

At least 15 Kalmar women reported being sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve as a part of a “Rape Jihad” that hit towns all across Europe.

“Most of the victims feel ashamed and don’t report it to the police,” Bernhardsson said. “We know that there have been attacks in our swimming pool that have not been reported.”

“They have been forced to separate men from women in the Jacuzzis because of all the attacks,” she added. “That should not happen in 2016 in Sweden.”

“Groping Guards” are catching on in the country, with at least four towns, including Stockholm, seeing copy-cat groups form up.

Tom Tillison


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