Secret Service agent brutally choke-slams Time magazine photographer at rowdy Trump rally

A Secret Service agent physically took-down a Time Magazine photographer at a Radford University Trump rally in Virginia Monday.

As Chris Morris was led out of the room, he claimed he never touched the agent and the assault was unprovoked. Several videos have been posted to social media.

Trump campaign statement on altercation between photographer and Secret Service agent in press pen at event in VA.

Video via Instagram user Celeste Chorniak:

So I went to the #Trump rally today. I went with an open mind, hoping to hear his ideas on how he would handle the country if he were president. Instead, I listened to him slander other running candidates and the press. In all, I’d say my perception of Trump hasn’t changed. If anything I feel more confident to say #dumptrump In honor of the insane amount of hatred in this mans campaign, here’s a video I got of a reporter being choke slammed by a security guy #makeamericahateagain

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