University cautions faculty not to ‘go there’ with ‘that student’ once guns are allowed on campus

With the state of Texas soon to require public universities to allow concealed guns on campus, the University of Houston held a forum to counsel faculty members on how to deal with the calamity of a student legally exercising their Second Amendment right.

Professors were cautioned to “be careful discussing sensitive topics” and to “not go there if you sense anger,” as seen in a slide from the event posted on social media:

The school is still deciding where it will allow guns, according to the Houston Chronicle, but a growing number of private schools have said they won’t lift their guns ban when the law takes effect in August. The newspaper said the University of Texas at Austin will allow guns in classrooms, but not dorms.

The University of Houston formed a work group to offer recommendations by May 1. The slides were produced by the faculty senate, not the work group, and a spokeswoman said it’s not official school policy.

“The faculty are increasingly unhappy with the law,” senate president Jonathan Snow told the Board of Regents last week, according to the Chronicle. “I’ve been screamed at. I’ve been accused of complicity. It’s been kind of rough.”

Snow is also on the work group.

Another slide produced by the faculty senate recommends that professors be careful about meeting with “that student” — no criteria was included to determine what qualifies a student being brandished in such a manner.

Perhaps the school will require students carrying firearms to attach a scarlet red “G” on their lapel.


Students can be seen in the video below discussing their thoughts on the new law. Surprisingly, there are some who actually support the free exercise of constitutional rights:

Tom Tillison


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