BuzzFeed’s ‘race-baiting’ video targeting all things ‘white’ backfires bigtime

BuzzFeed BlackBuzzFeed has continued its business of dividing races with a new video where people of color describe how bad white is.

Hot on the heels of a BuzzFeed Canada editor publicly posting a job ad, where she said she was looking to hire people who “are not white and not male,” comes the website’s latest attempt at racial division.

In a video posted to BuzzFeed Australia, the website asked people of color from around the world to describe what the word ‘white’ meant to them: and the results, while sad, were far from surprising.

“What I think when I see the word ‘white,’ first word that comes to mind would be privilege,” said a black man from America, who added “arrogance” and “naive” to his description.

“Not understanding,” an Australian child said. “They don’t acknowledge what has happened in the past. They just push it off and say it’s in the past.”

“White-run, controlled system,” added an Australian woman.

That is really going to help promote unity, BuzzFeed. Good work.

Today, the number of dislikes on BuzzFeed’s YouTube page more than doubles the number of folks who gave the video below their stamp of approval.

Conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos noted the incredible amount “dislikes” the video inspired.

Carmine Sabia


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