Reid throws costly wrench at broken immigration courts

Some 77,000 cases are pending in Texas immigration courts, and that number is growing daily.

Creating Muslim ghettos: Texas spars with Obama admin about refugees

As Texas officials spar with Obama administration lawyers over refugee resettlement, Amarillo is building Muslim “ghettos.”

Feds shuttle illegal migrants around Texas

With their 21-day window closing, hundreds of minor migrants from Central America have been shuttled to new government holding facilities in Texas. Up to 700 of the […]

Paying $124,668 a year, San Antonio can’t find enough cops

From San Antonio is short 200 police officers, despite offering hiring bonuses and boosting entry-level pay past $40,000 to bolster its thin blue . Reasons for […]

Texas collides with cities, agencies on Syrian refugees

While Texas cities roll out the welcome mat for Syrian refugees, the state threatens to withhold funding from charities that facilitate …

Clinton panders to Hispanics while GOP targets ‘sanctuary cities’

In the face of growing anger over “sanctuary cities,” Hillary Clinton further blurred the between legal and illegal immigration Thursday, calling for a wider path to […]

Trump futures soar as stock markets stumble

The worse the markets, the better for Donald Trump. That may sound oxymoronic, but the billionaire presidential candidate knows his political future is on Main Street, not […]

‘A stupid country?’ US tech companies convince lawmakers to import more cheap foreigners, replacing American jobs

If it’s good for Google, is it good for America? Under pressure to bring foreign technology workers into the country, Congress is weighing a bipartisan bill […]

Obama defies Congress, busts cap on work permits

The Obama administration is running a massive parallel immigration system outside the laws and limits written by Congress, according to data obtained under the Freedom of Information […]

Migrants committing more crimes at Obama’s ‘discretion’

More than 1,000 illegal immigrants released under federal “prosecutorial discretion” went on to commit a string of new crimes across the United States, according to Department of […]

Boeing union fight gets personal in South Carolina; Gov. Nikki Haley firing back

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is firing back at efforts to unionize 7,500 workers at Boeing Corp.’s air plant in Charleston. “The International Association of Machinists has […]

Supreme defiance: Protester challenges Supreme Court speech-free zone in

They didn’t kill him, but Capitol police arrested Harold Hodge for silently standing outside the Supreme Court with a 2-foot-by-3-foot sign reading, “The U.S. Gov. Allows Police […]

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