Gene Simmons reflects on the life and passing of music legend David Bowie

With the death of music-legend David Bowie on Sunday, stories and tributes abound of the affect the superstar’swork had on many artists over his decades-long career. For […]

‘Bernie Sanders guys are scared!’ Cruz turns tables on anti-gun hecklers during campaign rally

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz got the chance to heckle the hecklers at a New Hampshire campaign rally held at a gun range event Tuesday, and demonstrated […]

Furious Tantaros tries to pull Geraldo’s head out of sand on refugee crisis; ‘You need to wake up!’

The panel of Fox News’ “Outnumbered” got heated Tuesday over the rash of assaults committed by Middle Eastern refugees in Europe and the potential for them to […]

‘It’s all about the money!’ Undercover video exposes Common Core; manager from textbook publisher fired

It has nothing to do with education — “It’s all about the money.” Investigative- and gonzo-journalist James O’Keefe just released a video of his latest undercover operation,goingafter […]

Breaking: Iran holding 2 US Navy boats, 10 sailors

President Obama‘s nuclear-deal partners in Iranhave seized two U.S. Navy boatsand are holding 10 American sailors. U.S.officials received assurancesfrom Iran that the boatsand crewwouldbe returned safely after […]

USC students required to detail sexual history before registering for classes

A mandatory on course at the University of Southern California (USC) asks students to disclose the number of sexual encounters they have had over the past three months and teaches students to ask for consent by saying “how far would you be comfortable going?” and “would you like to try this with me?”

Man wearing unearned Purple Heart protected under free speech, US court rules

A federal court ruled Monday that wearing unearned military medals is a protected form of free speech. A veteran’sconvictionfor sporting a Purple Heart medal he didn’t earn […]

News Kim Davis will be Republican SOTU guest fuels Liberal scorn

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who favored jail to issuing same-sex marriage certificates, will be a guest at President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union […]

‘What about ISIS?’ Jen Psaki can’t defend Obama’s claim that America faces no ‘existential threat’

The notion thatPresident Obama lives in a fantasy world of his own creationwasconfirmedwhen he told NBC News that America faces no “existential threats.” NBC’s Matt Lauer told […]

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell worries ‘Clinton-world’ will be hurt by Benghazi film

The upcoming film “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” is not even out yet, and MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell is worried that it could hurt Hillary Clinton’s […]

Clinton Email
Hillary in denial as FBI expands probe to include Clinton Foundation

The FBI is reportedly expanding its criminal investigation into Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton. In addition to its probe of her use of a private e server […]

Black leader Tavis Smiley calls out Trump, ‘Bring it on! Where are you?’

Donald Trump has a new foeon his hands– black leader, author and talk show host Tavis Smiley. Smiley appeared Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos […]

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