MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell worries ‘Clinton-world’ will be hurt by Benghazi film

The upcoming film “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” is not even out yet, and MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell is worried that it could hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“That new film about Benghazi coming out this week could give wider circulation to conspiracy theories,” Mitchell said on MSNBC Monday, “despite denials, that CIA operatives were told to stand down and not rescue four Americans, including an ambassador, who died in that assault.”

Discussing the negative effect the movie could have on the Democratic candidate’s presidential bid, Mitchell asked, “How could it affect Hillary Clinton’s campaign?”

Widespread speculation has circulated from the start about the deadly 2012 terrorist attack that left four Americans dead, including the now-refuted idea that a YouTube video inspired the attack; but Mitchell appeared to be more concerned with how the movie could hurt Clinton in the race.

“How does Clinton-world deal with it?” she asked Washington Post political correspondent Anne Gearan, who agreed. “Well, I mean, Clinton herself has denied it and it sort of ceases to matter how many officials do deny it, it is something that has gained currency, as you mentioned, as a conspiracy theory largely on the right.”

Video of the exchange was shared in a Twitter post by NewsBusters, unleashing social media backlash over the supposedly unbiased media tearing down the movie before it has even opened.

See the video from the NewsBusters site below.


Frieda Powers


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