‘Bernie Sanders guys are scared!’ Cruz turns tables on anti-gun hecklers during campaign rally

SS Ted Cruz and Bernistas

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz got the chance to heckle the hecklers at a New Hampshire campaign rally held at a gun range event Tuesday, and demonstrated his quick wit in the process.

“Why’s everyone so excited about guns?” asked the first person who took the stage alongside the firebrand senator from Texas.

“Sir, who are you and what are you doing here?” Cruz asked him. “Are you a bit confused?”

Indeed the heckler sounded and appeared lost, and moments later, he was escorted off stage-left.

“It’s a very good point, I think he did go to Yale,” Cruz joked about the heckler with an audience member.

Almost immediately, another protester appeared stage-right.

“We have another one who’s very confused,” Cruz joked and added, “This is not your stage.”

As the second heckler was ushered off the stage, Cruz gloated, “Boy, it’s almost like the Bernie Sanders guys are scared! The Bernistas are out in force!”

ABC News Politics tweeted the action:

And the Cruz Crew loved it.


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