Walmart to quit selling AR-15s and gun buyers smell a rat — the liberal kind

Walmart is confirming rumors that it will quit selling AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines in stores, but denies the move is related to anything but business, saying the […]

Carly Fiorina campaign beats Hillary at her own game — where it counts

Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina is apparently more of a warrior in the “war on women” than Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton. As women in the Clinton campaign […]

Team Hillary ready to let the snarling dogs loose … on Joe Biden!

Hillary Clinton is not taking any challenge to her coronation lightly after what happened to her in 2008 at the hands of then-Sen. Barack Obama. The attacks […]

Internet adultery hack missed THESE folks by a country mile; can you guess why?

While last week’s release of registered users’ profiles from the adultery website Ashley Madison exposed cheating spouses nationwide, the hack left people in three ZIP codes unscathed. Now, before assuming these three communities are […]

Red light rebel’s ‘how to fight back’ video gets him arrested, but gets a lotta love, too!

When a man got so furious over red-light cameras generating tickets for motorists that he made a Facebook video showing how to screw them up, authorities weren’t […]

‘You want a race war?’ News crew killer’s ‘manifesto’ describes how he went ‘BOOM!’

The gunman who killed two former colleagues on live television Wednesday was a gay black man fighting a race war of revenge. In a manifesto faxed to […]

Sore loser Obama accuses Yankees great of ‘stealing’ money

Watch out, Yankee fans, President Obama has taken aim at one of your favorite baseball players of all time. During a fundraiser at the home of Las […]

Trump Ramos
Press battle each other for not walking out: Since when is it ‘journalism’ to take over a presser . . . ?’

Several people, including fellow journalists, shook an angry finger at reporters who stayed at the Donald Trump press conference in Iowa after security removed Univision reporter Jorge […]

ESPN suspends former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling for comparing radical Islam to Nazis

ESPN has long since established it’s politically correct bona fides, and added to that reputation Tuesday when the network announced that baseball analyst Curt Schilling was suspended after […]

Beloved Elmer Fudd character used to taunt police with ‘Negro season’ graffiti art

Atlanta officials removed the work of a graffiti artist who vandalized a building with an inflammatory drawing of Elmer Fudd taunting police. In the drawing, the Looney […]

Asian-American Democrats pile on Jeb

It hasn’t taken long for Democrat vultures to swoop in on Jeb Bush‘s botched effort to make nice with Hispanics by insulting Asians. Bush on Monday referred […]

GRAPHIC: Killer of news crew posts SHOCKING VIDEO of murder from his point of view

The broadcasting news veteran who killed two former colleagues on live television Wednesday morning knew how to package a news event – even a double murder he […]