Press battle each other for not walking out: Since when is it ‘journalism’ to take over a presser . . . ?’

Several people, including fellow journalists, shook an angry finger at reporters who stayed at the Donald Trump press conference in Iowa after security removed Univision reporter Jorge Ramos.

Many others believe Trump’s security team was right for removing Jorge Ramos, who was disrupting the event.

Among the reporters present was MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt, who said Trump’s removal of Ramos felt like “the forced removal of a journalist.”

But even Hunt had to admit that Ramos interrupted Trump and caused a disruption at the press conference.

Trump eventually let Ramos back in and had a contentious back and forth with him on the topic of illegal immigration. But that wasn’t enough for those who believe the press should have stuck together.

It also elicited a response from Twitter snark queen Michelle Malkin who had her own interesting “video” of the confrontation.

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