Beloved Elmer Fudd character used to taunt police with ‘Negro season’ graffiti art

Atlanta officials removed the work of a graffiti artist who vandalized a building with an inflammatory drawing of Elmer Fudd taunting police.

In the drawing, the Looney Tunes character was pictured in a police uniform and holding his trademark shotgun with a sign next to him that read “Negro season.”

The vandalism was first spotted on Saturday by the building manager who contacted police, according to WXIA.

Photo via Atlanta Police.
Photo via Atlanta Police.

“I think it’s offensive to anyone. It’s sickening,” Sgt. Greg Lyon told WXIA. “I don’t think of Atlanta as that type of city.”

“Clearly people have a First Amendment right to express their opinion,” he added. “But if you’re going to do that, you need to do it on your own property.”

Atlanta police are reviewing surveillance video in their search for the vandal who signed the graffiti with the name NAES.

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