‘COWARDS!’ Walmart gets blasted for caving, pulling this children’s Halloween costume

The PC police have won another round. Social-justice warriors have managed to bully Walmart into dropping a children’s Halloween costume of an Israeli soldier, because it is […]

Cruz control: ‘How about a debate moderated by Hannity, Levin, and Rush Limbaugh?’

Describing the media as the Democrat Party’s cheerleaders, Senator Ted Cruz tore into the moderators for Wednesday’s CNBC Republican presidential debate in a post-debate interview with Fox […]

Student SLAMS principal to the ground; will media call this racism, too?

The principal for a Sacramento area high school was slammed to the ground by a student when he tried to step in and stop a fight that […]

Debate moderator makes fool of himself in live spat with Rubio over a fact HE had gotten wrong

It’s no surprise that the CNBC Republican debate moderators were interested in attacking Republicans than asking insightful questions, and at one point Senator Marco Rubio had […]

Elderly woman hears loud ‘kaboom’ that rattles house; no worries, just a Ford Mustang landing on ROOF

Even for Michigan, it was an odd place to finda muscle car. When an elderly Michigan woman heard a loud crash rattle her home while she was […]

Fired: Authorities to announce deputy will lose job for student arrest, NBC reports

South Carolina authorities have apparently made up their mind, and Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields is going to be out of a job. Fields – who […]

Teacher told us to admit God isn’t real or we ‘would get in trouble’: Texas seventh-grader testifies to board

A seventh-grade student in Texas is standing up for her religious beliefs after her teacher allegedly forced the class to deny the existence of God in a […]

Video: Parents for BOTH sides of desk-flipping student takedown heard at public meeting

Residents of Richland county caught a break Tuesday night. Richland School District Two didn’t cancel its regularly scheduled meeting after finding itself in the nation’s hotseat for […]

‘I saw red!’ Australians incensed after Muslim students ‘opt out,’ leave room during national anthem

A primary school in Australia is under fire after allowing Muslim children to walk out of assembly as the national anthem was sung. The Cranbourne Carlisle Primary […]

‘White people out!’ Racist graffiti plagues Chicago neighborhood — media silent

If it had beena coffee shop owned by a black businessman, operating in a white neighborhood, the recent vandalism probably would have been a national story. Almost […]

Benghazi victim’s mother erupts at Andrea Mitchell: ‘My son was sacrificed, and NO ONE has told me WHY!’

Patricia Smith just wants answers — but that is apparently too much for Andrea Mitchell to understand. In an emotional interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday, […]

Black Lives Matter demands that Democrats hold debate entirely for RACIAL ISSUES

The Black Lives Matter crowd apparently doesn’t feel like Democrats are pandering to them quite often enough. The official website for the #BlackLivesMatter movement posted an on […]

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