Red light rebel’s ‘how to fight back’ video gets him arrested, but gets a lotta love, too!

redlights0826newestWhen a man got so furious over red-light cameras generating tickets for motorists that he made a Facebook video showing how to screw them up, authorities weren’t amused.

But if Facebook comments are anything to go by, a whole lot of people are on his side.

On the video, Stephen Ruth of Long Island makes clear he’s had enough of cameras counting how many seconds he waits to make sure the coast is clear at an intersection. After cops were tipped off to his identity, it was clear they didn’t appreciate his activism, the New York Daily News reported.

Ruth disabled a total of four cameras by redirecting their lenses so they weren’t pointed at license plates – just at the sky overhead. On the video, Ruth claimed that by knocking a camera off target, he “just saved people about $10,000.”

He was arrested at his home on four counts of criminal tampering and obstruction of government administration, the Daily News reported.

But even after being taken in, Ruth was unrepentant.

“To all the people thinking ‘Why would he do that? Didn’t he think he was going to get arrested?’ Of course I knew I would be arrested,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

“I did it for the people who come back from war and get abused by these cameras. I did it because senior citizens are getting these, the same ones that went to war for us. These same seniors live in New York’s high cost environment and are being forced out of New York because of its high taxes ….”

Judging by some Facebook comments, Ruth’s got quite a fan base building in the Empire State. Here’s a sample:





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