Pelosi goes off the deep end when asked if a baby is human; ‘might be the dumbest response in history’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi turned on her most strident tone Thursday when a reporter asked her point blank a question she refused to answer. But it […]

GOP congressman, whose mom died of breast cancer, explodes: ‘I’m tired of getting lectures from Democrats!’

Jason Chaffetz finally had enough. After sparring with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a lengthy interview about Planned Parenthood Wednesday, the Utah Republican got tired of hearing Blitzer […]

Undercover sting catches Hillary worker breaking law: Hispanic voter sign-up using ‘Trump’s ‘bi**hface’

A newly released undercover video captured a Hillary Clinton campaign worker in Las Vegas pushing newly signed up voters to support the candidate– whileusing a mocking picture […]

Hillary freaked out over State Dept’s gay-friendly terms; new email exposes fear of Palin and Fox News

The nation’s top diplomat was frightened of Fox. Hillary Clinton personally overturned a State Department decision to eliminate mothers and fathers from United States passport applications while […]

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ tricks Hillary voters into agreeing with Trump — and they don’t like it

Late-night comedy generally reserves its fire for Republicans, but when the guns turn on Democrat candidates — and their low-information voters — the results can be devastating. […]

Carl’s Jr. ad sells sex – and a southern border wall – and sex

The marketing masters of the Carl’s Jr. fast-food chain have noticed just how hot a topic immigration is these days – and made it even hotter. An […]

Muslim man admits strangling his daughter for ‘dishonor’ after she was caught stealing condoms

The family had been arguing about Lareeb Khan’s boyfriend . . .

British prime minister confronts Obama: ISLAM is the problem, ‘Barack’

When British Prime Minister David Cameron to the podium on Tuesday after President Obama, he had some frank talk for a United Nations summit on defeating the […]

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Sadie Robertson making debut in movie based on horror that shocked our country

Sadie Robertson, the “Duck Dynasty” dancer who charmed her way into America’s heart on last season’s “Dancing with the Stars,” is making her big screen debut in […]

Parents rebel, school apologizes for teaching kids that evolution-doubters are trying to trick them

A social media campaign by Florida parents has forced a middle school to apologize after science teachers teaching evolution accused anyone who disagreed with them of lying. […]

‘He’s got what he asked for’; Texas mayor has no apologies for treatment of ‘clock kid’

The infamous “clock kid” of Irving, Texas, might have moved out of the public eye, but officials in the town – and a police officers’ union – […]

It’s on! Pro-life social media to ‘BlackOut’ Planned Parenthood’s ‘PinkOut’ propaganda day

The nation’s largest abortion provider is asking supporters to wear pink on Tuesday to show support for its butcher business of selling dismembered baby body parts, but […]

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