Hulk Hogan begs forgiveness, says he contemplated suicide over racism controversy

Professional wrestling’s greatest star, Hulk Hogan, has gone from body slamming Andre the Giant to falling to his knees and begging for forgiveness. The superstar appeared Monday […]

CNN gets egg on its face; calls silent majority ‘racist,’ then THIS happens

People on the left relish the idea of being victims so much, that it seems they look for reasons to be offended. Enter Ron Brownstein, editorial director […]

Sheriff Clarke hurls blame for Black Lives Matter: ‘Obama breathed life into this ugly movement’

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on Monday took heart from the weekend’s mourning for a Texas deputy murdered at a filling station Friday, but wasted no words […]

Yankees great pays his respects to a man who died heckling him

New York Yankee third basemen Alex Rodriguez was among those who paid their respects to a fan who fell to his death while booing the Yankees designated […]

‘Undercover’ reporter goes topless in Times Square; ‘the least crazy thing on the block!’

A reporter who went undercover as a naked painted girl in Times Square emerged “full of girl power,” saying “I’m Team Topless” and calling efforts to remove […]

Family celebrates property-rights victory over meddling homeowners association

A Missouri family is celebrating after a judge’s ruling allowing them to keep a purple play set in their yard despite heavy handed tactics from their homeowners […]

Jeb Bush on the attack, claims there’s a big problem with Trump’s wall idea

A large part of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s stance on immigration involves building a wall along the southern U.S. border — a wall the real estate […]

Democrats try to support Black Lives Matter, get a big middle finger right back

Even by Democrat pandering standards, it’s pathetic. The Democratic National Committee tried to genuflect over the weekend to the Black Lives Matter crowd, but got the back […]

Slain reporter’s father guns for the NRA with a media blitz; ‘they messed with the wrong family’

The father of the young television reporter gunned down during a live broadcast Wednesday morning is ready for battle with the NRA – and he’s not shy […]

9/11 families outraged over college course that shows the attacks through terrorists’ eyes

The world may have stopped turning on that September day, but it has since been turned on its head. Americans are slow to learn that elections have […]

NFL cheerleader — who’s a Marine lieutenant — was in for VERY BIG surprise

A St. Louis Rams cheerleader who also happens to be a lieutenant in the Marines got the surprise of a lifetime at Sunday’s preseason game against the […]

Black Marine vet calls out Black Lives Matter — in a video EVERYONE should see

A Marine veteran is getting a lot of attention this week for social media posts that blast the Black Lives Matter movement right between the eyes. Michael […]

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