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Bam! Daily News cover slams Obama’s ‘golf war’

Obama Daily News

The New York Daily News is not pleased with President Obama’s recent actions, making its opinion very clear on the newspaper’s front cover published Thursday. An early look at tomorrow’s front page. http://t.co/orsS8nH93j pic.twitter.com/H3Y657jSds — New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) August 21, 2014 The article that went along with it was equally as brutal, saying: President Obama put […]

Hilarious video: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge #Fail

ALS Fail

The Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS has taken social media by storm and raised millions of dollars for ALS research. Pete Frates, a 29-year old former Boston College baseball captain, came up with the idea for the fundraiser for ALS, “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,” or as it’s commonly known, “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” People […]

Dick Cheney: Absolutely certain of ‘mass casualty attack against US’ far deadlier than the last

Cheney and Isis

The ISIS terrorist group is “very much a threat to the United States” and its allies former Vice President Dick Cheney said on Fox News’ “Hannity” Wednesday. “After watching this [beheading] video, I’m pretty convinced that we have a group of people at war with us,” host Sean Hannity said. “Would you agree with that?” Cheney […]

Foul-mouthed cop suspended for threatening to kill media in Ferguson

Cop in Ferguson

A suburban St. Louis police officer was suspended after being caught on video Tuesday pointing a gun at peaceful protesters and members of the media while threatening to kill them. Lt. Ray Albers, a 20-year veteran of the St. Ann police force, pointed a semi-automatic rifle at a group of people filming the protests in […]

Good Morning America mocks Hillary Clinton for outlandish appearance demands

hillary-clinton (1)

In addition to hefty speaking fees, Hillary Clinton has a list of cringe-worthy demands that even ABC’s “Good Morning America” mocked on Monday. Transportation by private jet and a “presidential suite” at the luxury hotel of her choosing are just a couple of items that the Las Vegas Review-Journal uncovered with a public records request […]

Protestors storm Missouri governor’s office protesting National Guard presence, 8 people arrested

Protesters storm door

More than 100 protestors on Monday stormed Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s office in St. Louis demanding a meeting with state officials over National Guard presence in Ferguson. When eight protestors refused to back down they were arrested just before 5:00 p.m., according to St. Louis Business Journal. The crowd claimed to want justice and insisted […]

Democrat candidate for Congress hurls ugly obscenities, admits to past drug use

Jameel McCline

An ex-boxer who is running for the U.S. Congress against incumbent Fla. Democrat Alcee Hastings has found himself in an embarrassing situation. Jameel McCline, 44, candidate for the seat which runs from Fort Lauderdale to western Palm Beach County was caught on video in a confrontation with Leonard Moore, 19, his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, according to Gossip […]

Rumored 2016 contender slams Obama: ‘If I became president … I might have time to take up golf’

Obama golf at MV

Criticism abounds over President Obama’s lavish vacations, but one possible 2016 presidential contender had a few choice words on the commander in chief’s latest trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Fox News host and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee blasted Obama for taking time off for “simmering and summering” at such an upscale venue while Americans are […]

Westboro weirdos plan protest at Robin Williams’ funeral; sane people counter with charity event

Robin Williams tweet WBC

The raucous Westboro Baptist Church is planning to protest the funeral of legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams over of his tolerance for homosexuals. The anti-gay extremist group is targeting Williams because he played a gay man in “The Birdcage” and dressed like a woman in “Mrs. Doubtfire.” The actor committed suicide in his California home last […]

Confident Rick Perry slams ‘farce of a prosecution,’ vows to battle ‘abuse of power’

Rick Perry press conf

Texas Gov. Rick Perry vowed in a news conference Saturday to fight all charges made against him for alleged abuse of power. Perry said his veto of funding for a Travis County public integrity unit — after the Democratic head the office was convicted of drunken driving and refused to resign — was completely within […]