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Man attempts to stop woman’s attack by filming it; won’t back down when thugs go after him

St Louis attack 3

A St. Louis, Mo., man happened across an attack on a woman in broad daylight, when he broke out his smartphone and refused to back down. Andrew Doty, a freelance editor, and his girlfriend were walking down the street Thursday when they came across what they thought was a woman being attacked in the back […]

Navy SEAL shot 27 times by four al-Qaida leaders tells miraculous story: ‘God, get me home to my girls’


In what can only be described as divine intervention, Navy SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day is still around to tell the story of how he was shot 27 times and lived to walk away after the fight. Day explained to CBN News how he was the first to enter a room in Iraq’s Anbar Province in […]

‘Burn!!!’ Rand Paul smacks down Michelle O’s bossy eating campaign with one photo


Michelle Obama’s goal as first lady seems to be telling everyone in America what they’re allowed to eat – but not everyone is buying it. U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., took full advantage of a breakfast stop on Friday to let his opinion be known, tweeting this: Shhh don’t tell @MichelleObama where we had breakfast in Los […]

‘Profile the Hell out of them’: Eric Bolling stirs controversial debate on finding terrorists

Bolling profile tweet

While the Obama administration continues to say there is no credible threat of Islamic State terrorists plotting attacks in America, Fox News’ Eric Bolling says it’s time to talk about what no one else will – profiling American Muslims. “It’s the controversial plan that no one has the guts to talk about except us,” Bolling […]

Nut magnet: 2nd intruder in as many days breaches White House security


The Secret Service arrested a man Saturday trying to enter the White House – less than 24 hours after a fence-jumper actually made it into the building. A man identified as Kevin Carr, of New Jersey, walked up to a gate on foot, according to Fox News, then approached another gate in a car. The […]

Karma! Tea party-bashing, hateful liberal, Cher, sued for racial discrimination and more


Liberal diva Cher has been hit with a lawsuit for racial discrimination, allegedly telling her choreographer to hire more white dancers. The lawsuit says that when Cher was auditioning dancers for her 2014 “Dressed to Kill” tour, she told choreographer Kevin Wilson, “We have too much color onstage” when he wanted to hire a particular […]

‘WTF?’ Foul-mouthed talking Barbie shocks UK mom, Mattel responds

Foul mouthed Barbie

A young North Wales mother was shocked when the Barbie doll she bought for her seven-year-old daughter was spewing questionable language – including “What the f**k?” “I heard it loud and clear,” Talina Evans told the Daily Mirror. “We’ve taken it off her now. She was disappointed but she understood that it was wrong to […]

Nosy neighbor sics cops, child services on innocent mom: ‘Don’t let your kids play outside’

Kids playing

A Texas mom of three was visited by the police and Child Protective Services after a neighbor reported her for letting her son play outside. Children’s book author and blogger Kari Anne Roy’s youngest son, 6-year-old Isaac, had been playing up the street for about 10 minutes when there was a knock on the door, […]

Islamic State releases graphic Hollywood-style video mocking Obama with a warning: ‘Coming soon’

Flames of war

The Islamic State’s latest propaganda blitz comes through a short video with Hollywood-style special effects previewing “Flames of War.” The 52-second video appears to show militants blowing up tanks and attacking U.S. soldiers before flashing a clip of President Obama saying combat troops would “not be returning to fight in Iraq.” Designed to look like a movie […]

Disgraceful: Dem congresswoman replaces US flag with Mexican flag on ‘Star Spangled Banner’ parade float

Mexican flag

As the people of Eloy, Ariz., celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner with a parade, their Democratic congresswoman flew a Mexican flag on her float. U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick posted images of her float on social media Saturday, and while not having an American flag may have been an oversight, someone made sure […]