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Dem candidate’s ad actually brags about writing Obamacare legislation

Allyson Schwartz Obama

While most Democrats are distancing themselves from President Obama and Obamacare, one candidate is using her involvement with the legislation as a positive in a new campaign ad. Rep. Allyson Schwartz serves in Pennsylvania’s 13th congressional district and is running for governor. But before she can take on Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, she must first […]

White House releases bizarre Obama Easter bunny photo, fun Twitter pics follow

Obama reading at egg roll

White House photographer David Souza unveiled the official photographs of Monday’s Easter Egg Roll which featured a bizarre shot of President Obama and the Easter Bunny. Slide show from today’s Easter Egg Roll: http://t.co/sCCoePPrV8 — petesouza (@petesouza) April 22, 2014 Souza’s followers responded, tweeting: @petesouza first shot is priceless…you’ve done it again Pete! — Chrissy (@imchristine) April […]

What Krauthammer says is ‘the single stupidest remark about foreign policy ever uttered by a US president’

Krauthammer on Obama manhood

Conservative columnist David Brooks’ comment Sunday about President Obama’s manhood may have dominated political news Monday, but Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer said that was the least of the president’s problems. On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” Brooks said that Obama has “a manhood problem in the Middle East,” and may not be tough enough to stand […]

Up for a dare? Watch video of new insane Swedish roller coaster

Helix roller coaster

If you’re a roller coaster aficionado – or even if you’re not – this just released “point of view” video of the new Helix is a must see. Opening on April 26, the Helix is the newest attraction at the Liseberg Amusement Park in Goteborg, Sweden. The roller coaster is “4,500 feet long and the […]

MSNBC host tells Kansas parents to shut up over Michelle Obama’s graduation speech

Scarborough and Mika on Kansas graduation

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough mocked Kansas parents’ and students,’ calling concerns over Michelle Obama’s appearance at their high school graduation “asinine.” The first lady is scheduled to speak at a combined ceremony for five area schools, but an online petition has been started to ask the School Board to reconsider. There are concerns about the […]

Obama has ‘a manhood problem,’ says NBC panel


President Obama’s “manhood” was questioned by an NBC “Meet the Press” roundtable panel on Sunday for his handling of foreign crises, including Syria and Ukraine. During the previous segment, Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Bob Corker criticized Obama’s communications with foreign leaders. “I think the administration is basically saying to Russia, ‘Look, don’t do anything […]

Easter Bunny photos gone bad – the ones they probably wish they’d skipped

Easter Bunny evil

On the commercial side of Easter, many parents bring their child for the obligatory annual photograph with the Easter Bunny at the local mall. But there are some who would have been better off skipping it that year. Over the years, Easter Bunny costumes have morphed, as observed in these vintage photos from BuzzFeed: Even the […]

Moving Easter version of ‘Hallelujah’ will give you goose bumps

Easter Hallelujah Mooney

There have been many versions and many covers of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” but on Easter Sunday, this one is one of the best. After a request from her parish priest to sing the song at Easter Mass, singer/songwriter Kelley Mooney decided the lyrics didn’t fit the occasion. So she wrote a spiritual version appropriate for […]

Watch: College girl’s stunning transformation after 100 days of pushups

Pushups 100 days

Sometimes all it takes is a commitment and a little perseverance to change your attitude. Estella Gong, computer engineering sophomore at the University of Central Florida, did just that. She always felt self-conscious about her body and was often called scrawny, her video said. She found GiveIt100, challenged herself to do pushups for 100 days, and […]

Abortion proponent Chelsea Clinton announces she’s pregnant with a ‘child,’ Twitter erupts

Chelsea Clinton

The media is abuzz over former first daughter Chelsea Clinton’s announcement that she is expecting a child. The pro-choice daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton was quoted last year as saying her maternal grandmother was the child of unwed teenage parents, who “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood […]