Heartless ACLU bullies sue school for saying ‘God Bless America’; tradition started after 9/11

An elementary school in New Jersey has bowed to the threat of an ACLU lawsuit and suspended a tradition dating back to 9/11. Students at Glenview Elementary […]

Trump defends ‘misleading’ immigration ad; America’s become ‘a dumping ground’

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump doubled down on the appropriateness of footage used in his first TV campaign ad, which earned a “Pants on Fire” designation from […]

‘Can’t just make s**t up!’ Gun enthusiasts skewer Obama’s ‘fear-mongering falsehood’

President Barack Obama did something Tuesday to which Americans are beginning to become accustomed — he told a big fat whopper. Addressing the nation on gun control, […]

‘Enough is enough!’ Libs enraged with Wasserman Schultz; petition to oust DNC chair goes VIRAL

Party members are now officially calling for Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s head on a platter, and the petition is going off-the-charts viral. Sponsored by […]

Cruz campaign ad featuring journalists ‘invading’ US way too ‘weird’ for MSNBC hosts

Wildly weird or especially effective? Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz released a campaign ad Tuesday that a MSNBC hosts found “weird.” Titled “Invasion,” it depicts a mass […]

New report indicates RECORD gun sales for 2015; thanks Obama!

President Barack Obama became “gun salesman of the year” for 2015, with the FBI reporting that it had processed a record number of background checks of those […]

President Obama gives tearful speech on gun control; gun lobby ‘cannot hold America hostage’

President Obama gave his best sales pitch to the American people on why he is going around the Constitution to implement gun control in America on […]

Loretta Lynch’s step-daughter argues with Uber driver over fare; lands in holding cell

While Attorney General Loretta Lynch was getting set to meet with President Obama to figure out how to go around that pesky Constitution to impede the Second […]

John Bolton: ‘Biggest threat to national security is sitting in Oval Office’

Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said that President Barack Obama is the greatest threat to the security of the United States. When the president […]

Jeb busted for ‘mistaken and conflated’ recollections of NRA ‘statesman’ honor

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush may have to learn that retelling a story multiple times does not eventually make it true. After publicly toutingreceiving the National Rifle […]

‘Truth is not being told’; Benghazi heroes discuss importance of new ’13 Hours’ film

Three of the heroes from the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya spe with Megyn Kelly about the events of that night that left four Americans dead. […]

Read awe-inspiring Facebook post from Marine veteran HOURS before fatal accident

A Marine veteran was killed just before the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve in a traffic accident but it’s his final post that has […]