Loretta Lynch’s step-daughter argues with Uber driver over fare; lands in holding cell

Picture via Facebook.
Picture via Facebook.

While Attorney General Loretta Lynch was getting set to meet with President Obama to figure out how to go around that pesky Constitution to impede the Second Amendment her step-daughter was having her own issues with the law.

Kia Absalom, 21, was detained by authorities after being driven to a police station by an Uber driver after she refused to pay her fare Monday, Dec. 28, according to the New York Daily News.

Absalom, whose father Stephen Hargrove has been married to Lynch since 2007, claimed she believed she paid her fare through the app but the driver, Hassan Almaweri , is signed up for the UberT service which allows passengers to pay drivers via cash or credit card but not through the app.

“I asked her to pay me,” Almaweri told the News.

“She said, ‘No, I paid by the app,'” he explained.

“What do you mean, the app?” he said he replied.

According to police, sources who spoke to the News Absalom never mentioned her relationship to Lynch and did offer to pay the driver with a credit card but had none on her so she asked to have him key in the numbers she knew by memory.

Almaweri refused and drove her to the police station.

Picture via Facebook.
Picture via Facebook.

“I go to the police and say, ‘This lady doesn’t want to pay me,'” he told the News.

Picture via Facebook.
Picture via Facebook.

Absalom was placed in a holding cell but had her arrest voided after her boyfriend came and paid the fare, according to police.

After a Lieutenant informed the department of the arrest and internal investigation was launched, according to the News.

On Thursday, Absalom’s father, along with FBI agent John Robison, visited the precinct to make sure that Absalom didn’t get preferential treatment and that the incident was handled properly, sources said. They even verified that Absalom’s shoelaces were removed after she was placed in a cell, just like anybody else in custody, sources said.

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