Scarborough’s bizarre obsession with Marco Rubio’s ‘go-go boots’

Joe Scarborough may have a boot fetish. But only Marco Rubio’s boots. And only his “go-go boots” as the MSNBC hostrepeatedly called them Thursday’s “Morning Joe” program […]

Hilarious video: Journalist busts stubborn squatter

Journalist Charlie LeDuff, decided to take matters into his own hands after hearing the story of a Detroit squatter residing in someone’s house. Local news had covered […]

Judge Jeanine annoyed by ‘Making a Murderer’ hype: ‘This isn’t a documentary’

Judge Jeanine Pirro to exception with the filmmakers of the hit Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer,” charging that they did not fairly portray both sides in […]

Mike Rowe explains alibi after ‘dead ringer’ bank robber caught on camera

TV personality and former “Dirty Jobs” host, Mike Rowe is used to getting his hands dirty – but tarnishing his reputation is another story entirely. Rowe has […]

Same media that blurred Charlie Hebdo’s Muhammad cover has no problem showing THIS?

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, where terrorists stormed the small satirical newspaper publication in Paris and massacred 12 workers in cold […]

Paul explains ‘automatic’ vs. ‘semi-automatic’ for Whoopi in embarrassing on-air gun lesson

Ronald Reagan’s famous quote about Liberals knowing “so much that isn’t so” comes to mind when “The View” hosts recently discussed the topic of gun control. Blindly […]

Score one for Fox’s Andrea Tantaros, she knows how to drive libs crazy!

It’s always refreshing to be lectured about guns by those born outside the United States. Trevor Noah, the South African comedian who replaced Jon Stewart on “The […]

James Taylor jokes flow after John Kerry warns North Korea ‘appropriate action’ will be taken

In response to North Korea’s latest nuclear test, John Kerry issued a statement warning the nation that the U.S. would take “appropriate action.” “The United States and […]

Fox guest makes case for Alabama defying Supreme Court on same sex marriage

There were some awkward vibes in the air when Megyn Kelly hosted a pro-traditional marriage advocate Wednesday night. Brian Brown from the National Organization for Marriage joined […]

Dana Loesch slams Germany’s cover-up of mass sexual assault by ‘migrants’

German officials are proving the disaster that happens when you really dangerous policy with political correctness. The Blaze’s Dana Loesch joined Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly […]

crystal city
Texas city councilman flees from border patrol; the shocking reason why . . .

When elected officials are acting as coyotes, you know there’s a serious problem. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understandwhy a Texas city councilman fled after […]

‘Free sh*t shuffle’ at Bernie Sanders rally entertains social media masses

Say what you will about supporters of Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders, but these are people who know how to have a little fun. In spite of […]