Scarborough’s bizarre obsession with Marco Rubio’s ‘go-go boots’

boots1Joe Scarborough may have a boot fetish. But only Marco Rubio’s boots. And only his “go-go boots” as the MSNBC host repeatedly called them

Thursday’s “Morning Joe” program took a strange path as Scarborough brought the subject back to Rubio’s choice of footwear over and over. The conversation ranged from the size of the heel, the type of heel – “high-heel” versus “stacked” – and even what to call the boots that were recently seen in a photo.

As reported by NewsBusters, Scarborough found a way to work the boots into just about every conversation. When co-host Mika Brzezinski noted that Rubio had shifted his message according to a report, Scarborough interrupted with  “What? Did he break a heel?”

Not a big fan of Rubio’s, Scarborough used the boots as way to poke fun at the Florida senator, seeming to suggest at one point that the size of the boot heel compensated for Rubio’s short stature, according to NewsBusters.

“Let’s talk about Marco Rubio’s heel height,” Scarborough began. “He’s kind of short. I think he’s about 5’6, 5’7; I’m not sure. He’s a little guy.” Rubio is actually 5′ 10″.

boots2Scarborough tried to nail down a label for the boots throughout the program. “Look at those go-go boots, right. They’re elevator boots,” he said, countering a co-host who said they could be high-heeled cowboy boots.  “Noooo! They’re go-go. They’re straight out of the swingin’ ’60s.”

The boot interruptions may have worn a bit thin as the show progressed, with Brzezinski telling the host, “You are being so bad,” to one comment to move on from the subject.

” I’m sure a lot of people that file into work at Dunkin Donuts or in factories all in New Hampshire probably go in those Harry Styles elevated go-go boots,” Scarborough said. “So I don’t know why you are you are even making, why are you even talking about his go-go boots?”

“We’re going to put those aside for a minute,”  replied co-host Willie Geist, who was trying to move on to another segment.

Watch the NewsBusters video compilation of boot commentary, below.


Frieda Powers


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