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Paul explains ‘automatic’ vs. ‘semi-automatic’ for Whoopi in embarrassing on-air gun lesson

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Ronald Reagan’s famous quote about Liberals knowing “so much that isn’t so” comes to mind when “The View” hosts recently discussed the topic of gun control.

Blindly praising President Obama’s latest executive overreach, Whoopi Goldberg told Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul on Wednesday, that she couldn’t understand any objection to “getting rid of automatic weapons.”

“Automatic weapons, they’re not for hunting. They do nothing. They’re only there to kill. And you’ll notice that a lot of things that have happened, have happened with automatic weapons,” Goldberg said.

The adoring crowd cheered before Paul had a chance to explain a few facts.

First, “automatic” weapons have been heavily regulated by the National Firearms Act since 1934.

What Goldberg was referring to was most likely semi-automatic weapons, which Paul was quick to point out.

“What we have is not automatic weapons,” Paul said. “It’s semi-automatic. So they fire in a fairly fast sequence, but you can’t pull the trigger and they come like a machine gun. Those are no longer out there.”

Paul, touted his Kentucky roots and said plenty of people use semi-automatics to hunt as well as for target shooting.

“But the other problem is,” Paul continued “if we take ownership away of specific types of guns, you really have to modify. Something that big has to be either legislation or possibly a Constitutional amendment.”

It certainly shouldn’t be unilaterally decided, with the authoritarian power of a king.

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