Fox guest makes case for Alabama defying Supreme Court on same sex marriage

There were some awkward vibes in the air when Megyn Kelly hosted a pro-traditional marriage advocate Wednesday night.

Brian Brown from the National Organization for Marriage joined “The Kelly File” to discuss Alabama’s recent court ruling to halt same-sex marriage licenses.

Kelly asked how Alabama could defy the recent Federal Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.

Brown maintained that state rights could supersede a Supreme Court ruling. Kelly became riled when Brown said states should not “kowtow” to the Supreme Court.

“Kowtow?” Kelly repeated. She reminded him that the Supreme Court has the final say and used 1803’s Marbury v Madison, which defined boundaries between executive and judicial branches to explain the process.

Brown, a historian, disagreed and said if the Supreme Court makes a law “so outside the bounds of established Constitutional Law… there has to be resistance, or you won’t have democracy anymore.”

Kelly ended the interview saying Brown had an “interesting take.”


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