Judge Napolitano: Obama’s gun executive orders will be challenged in court

President Obama’s executive actions on gun control would meet the same fate as those on immigration — failure. While the president was meeting with Attorney General Loretta […]

Video: Uncomfortable Bill Clinton caught off-guard when ABC reporter asked if his sex life is ‘fair game’

ABC’s Cecilia Vega cornered Bill Clinton following a campaign speech in New Hampshire on Monday and asked him if attacks on his sex life were “fair game.” […]

Sparks fly on Fox News set over Oregon standoff – protesters or terrorists?

Are they protesters or terrorists? Conservative radio host Tammy Bruce crossed swords Monday with liberal radio host Alan Colmes over how to define the group that to […]

Woman makes ‘gotcha’ video of Starbucks employee who stole her credit card info, went shopping

A stunned Starbucks cashier is busted on camera by a customer who accused the employee of stealing her credit card information and using it to go on […]

Mitt Romney offers Jeb disturbing advice

Consider it advice from a man who knows a thing or two about losing. Warning him that it “would be too easy for the Democrats,” 2012 Republican […]

Woman’s body BREWS own alcohol; DWI charges dropped by judge

In a case believed to be the first of its kind in New York, a judge dismissed charges against a woman who had been convicted of DWI […]

‘Their skin is crawling’: MSNBC’s Mika says reporters can’t give Trump a fair shake

Acting as if she was giving away trade secrets, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski confessed on Monday that the media can’t be objective about Republican front-runner […]

Megyn Kelly reveals how Donald Trump tried to ‘woo’ her in new Vanity Fair interview

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly gave what could be called a preview of coming attractions when she told an interviewer that she’ll continue to remain neutral on […]

Trump’s first official TV ad: ‘I don’t know if I need it, but . . .’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump released his first official television ad Monday, and to the surprise of few, the focus was on radical Islamic terrorism and illegal […]

Hollywood terrified about this hashtag resurfacing from last year’s Oscars

Despite efforts by theAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to diversify, there is a fear that this year’s awards may be dominated bywhite actors, resurrecting last […]

Gunman returns to church, but this time to say he’s sorry

A North Carolina man who walked into a church last week armed with a rifle, returned to the scene Sunday. But this time, it was toapologize topastor […]

New Gallup poll numbers make Obama’s gun control push laughable

President Obama is expected to go before the American people any day now to stress the urgency to act on the “epidemic of gun violence.” But a […]