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New Gallup poll numbers make Obama’s gun control push laughable

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President Obama is expected to go before the American people any day now to stress the urgency to act on the “epidemic of gun violence.”

But a newly released Gallup Poll questions whether the American people see this as a pressing concern.

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In pursuit of what he called “unfinished business” — see legacy item — in his most recent radio address, the president spoke of letters he has received from parents, teachers and children on the issue to say he can’t “sit around and do nothing.”

All of which follows the left’s blueprint to first create a crisis, then offer the solution.

Unfortunately, the new Gallup Poll shows “guns/gun control” at the bottom of Americans’ most pressing concerns in 2015, ranking 19th out of 23 top problems facing the country, according to CNS News.

According to Gallup, only one percent of respondents mentioned guns/gun control as a concern for most of the months in 2015, although mentions spiked to 7 percent in October and December following mass shootings in those months that dominated the news. (The overall average for the year was 2 percent.)


That’s 19th out of 23 … which means Obama can thank his lucky stars a complicit media will faithfully carry his water when he states the urgency of circumventing Congress with his questionable executive action.

The top five problems that concern Americans are the Obama-led government, the economy, jobs, illegal immigration and health care, followed by ethical/moral decline, race relations/racism and terrorism.

All topics Obama has harmed more than helped, according to most critics.

Here is the list of the most important problems facing the country last year, according to the Gallup Poll results:


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