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Judge Napolitano: Obama’s gun executive orders will be challenged in court

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President Obama’s executive actions on gun control would meet the same fate as those on immigration — failure.

While the president was meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch Monday to go over possible executive actions ha may take on gun control, Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano met with “America’s Newsroom” anchor Bill Hemmer.

Napolitano said that one thing the president wants to do is regulate the sale of firearms by “occasional sellers” to require background checks in those instances.

“Congress has three times refused to impose that regulation; the president wants to impose it,” Napolitano said.

Calling such a move by the president unconstitutional, he said. “Congress writes the laws,” and Obama cannot do it on his own.

Napolitano also observed that the president wants to make it illegal for a person on a federal “no-fly list” to purchase firearms.

He said that a Second Amendment fundamental right cannot be taken away because “a bureaucrat checks a box in secret without giving a reason” and without due process of law.

“They’re mixing apples and oranges,” Napolitano told Hemmer.

Watch the exchange, via Fox News.


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