Video: Uncomfortable Bill Clinton caught off-guard when ABC reporter asked if his sex life is ‘fair game’

ABC’s Cecilia Vega cornered Bill Clinton following a campaign speech in New Hampshire on Monday and asked him if attacks on his sex life were “fair game.”

“Donald Trump says your past is fair game,” Vega said bluntly. “I’ve got to ask you, since you’re going to keep going out on the campaign trail, is it fair game?”

The former president appeared to be embarrassed and at a loss for words – as if he was caught off guard.

“The Republicans have to decide that,” Clinton said. “I’m trying to tell the Democrats and the rest of the country that Hillary will be the best president.”

“I think there’s always an attempt to take the election away from you people, so I’m just going to give it to ’em.”

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Michele Kirk


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