White House to host ‘roundtable on affirming transgender kids’

The White House will host a “Roundtable on Affirming Transgender Kids” Friday as part of its observance of “Transgender Day of Visibility,” according to a fact sheet. […]

‘Every death is a tragedy’: Tenn protesters hold up SEVEN fingers to commemorate Nashville victims

The cult of transgenderism is so encompassing that even the deaths of innocent 9-year-old children at the hands of a sick, twisted killer failed to penetrate the […]

Gaetz brings receipts for Pentagon leaders who claim to know nothing about drag shows on military bases

The whole concept of radical gender theory and queer theory has swept the nation almost as quickly as the Covid-19 virus unleashed on the world by a […]

ACLU files lawsuit against school district that banned after-school satan clubs

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit Thursday against a Pennsylvania school district after they allegedly reved permission for The Satanic Temple (TST) to host […]

Panicked Dems sue to keep third-party that touts ‘common sense’ off Arizona ballot

The Arizona Democratic Party likes to claim it is fighting for democracy, but when it came face-to-face with a serious challenger to the nation’s two-party system, it […]

Concerned moms sue sperm donor who skirted rules, claims he fathered over 500 children

A Dutch musician and prolific sperm donor named Jonathan Jacob Meijer, who is from the Netherlands and is now living in Kenya, has allegedly fathered over 500 […]

CBS reportedly BANNED staffers from using ‘transgender’ when covering Nashville shooter

CBS News reportedly told news staff Tuesday to remove all references of the perpetrator’s transgender identity from their coverage of the Nashville shooting that occurred earlier this […]

Dutch show parades naked adults in front of children to prove that trans is normal

The indoctrination of children toward radical gender theory is not exclusive to the United States and while there can be no doubt that the left is […]

‘F—k pro-lifers!’ Violent college students shut down pro-life event, peaceful attendees forced to leave!

A group of violent far-left “Antifa” activists successfully hijacked and shut down a pro-life event Wednesday at Virginia Commonwealth University, going so far as to throw punches […]

‘Stay in your lane!’ 21 states threaten nation’s largest financial institutions with legal action over woke policies

Nearly two-dozen states joined forces on Thursday to push back against the pursuit of environmental and social agendas by financial institutions and asset managers. A letter was […]

Male powerlifting coach SMASHES women’s weightlifting record held by transgender to protest new rules

Male powerlifting coach, Avi Silverberg, decided to show what a je Canada’s we gender self-ID laws are by claiming that he’s a woman and then bench-lifting 370 […]

Pentagon dismantles DEI unit after GOP backlash, but will integrate agenda deeper into agency

There’s both good news and bad news to report about the Pentagon’s efforts at pushing so-called “diversity, equity, and inclusion” throughout the military. The Department of Defense […]