Here are the biggest ways Congress’ massive spending bill will be a boon to illegal immigrants

Congress’ $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill includes a number of provisions that provide support to organizations that help illegal immigrants by providing shelter, legal support and other […]

FBI assigned personnel to ‘look’ for ‘violations’ of Twitter’s own policies, docs reveal

FBI personnel reportedly received assignments to “lo” for “violations” of policy, which one former executive at the social media platform noted as “odd,” according to documents […]

Whoopi doubles down on comments that led to suspension: ‘No box on the census for the Jewish race’

Fresh off previously being suspended on “The View” for controversial statements concerning the Holocaust, co-host Whoopi Goldberg doubled down on the issue once again claiming that the […]

‘Have you seen this man’: Critics slam NYC mayor for leaving city amidst frigid temps

New Yorkers are trapped in what has all the appearances of a permanent cycle of woe due to the fact that they keep electing Democrats, despite ample […]

Joe Rogan guest talks ‘appalling, heart-wrenching, dangerous’ source of iPhone, EV batteries

As President Joe Biden and his legion of progressive minions pose for selfies taken on their iPhones in front of their electric vehicles and clap themselves on […]

Mom of Girl Scout removed from Radio City Music Hall over her JOB thanks to facial recognition tech

Thanks to facial recognition technology coupled with pettiness, one mother was recently unable to watch a Christmas-themed show at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall with […]

‘Nowhere close’: LA accused of fudging homelessness numbers

After the city of Los Angeles released its findings on the total homeless population, experts and survey volunteers alike raised concerns over the dubiously low number said […]

Ben Carson talks worsening political correctness as ‘woke’ zealots have big month

The Western world is being overrun by “weness,” and former Trump administration official Ben Carson doesn’t care for any of it. Appearing on Fox News’s “Hannity” this […]

The Hill earns vicious mockery over since-deleted tweet giving advice on handling canceled flights

The Hill hastily eted a tweet after sending it out to promote a piece it published advising Americans on how to deal with canceled flights, attaching a […]

‘False’: Elon Musk fact-checks claim Twitter removed suicide prevention feature

Critics desperate to discredit and smear owner Elon Musk to to the platform in force Friday when it appeared a safety feature geared toward helping with […]

Dem senator doesn’t ‘know exactly’ what is in $1.7T omnibus but is ‘proud to support’ it anyway

There are dumb takes on important issues, and then there are takes that are so shockingly stupid they leave one slack-jawed. Democratic Senator Chris Coons of aware […]

Cops pitch in to help family after Tennessee Grinch steals kids’ Christmas presents, torches tree

Police in a Tennessee city showed the true holiday spirit as well as outstanding service to their community when they pitched in to replace a child’s gifts […]

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