Memphis police search for suspects ‘fixin’ to shoot a white old lady with grandkids in the car’… for starters

The Memphis Police Department is searching for the identities of two men caught on video making terrorist threats against white people as they drive down the road, […]

Paralympian SUES Portland over ‘dangerous and unsanitary’ conditions impossible for wheelchairs to navigate

A Paralympian has led a federal class-action lawsuit accusing the City of Portland of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ten plaintiffs with disabilities maintain thatPortland’s festering […]

Insane video shows man in Chicago sucker punch the WRONG guy, sparks fierce debate

In the killing fields of Chicago, going into a liquor store can be a life and death proposition, which is illustrated in one video that shows a […]

KJP attempts to justify Biden’s many vacations as struggling Americans cancel plans

President Joe Biden has spent one out of every three days on vacation since moving into the White House and his press secretary told reporters that he […]

Miami-Dade school board does 180 on ‘LGBTQ history month’ after anti-indoctrination gay man drops the mic

Emotions ran high at a Miami-Dade, Florida school board meeting where one gay man eloquently spe out against recognizing LGBTQ History month, calling the forced teaching of […]

Ex-Twitter security chief was paid millions in lost wages before filing whistleblower complaint used by Musk

In June, just days before former hacker and ex- security chief Peiter Zatko filed a whistleblower complaint that will be used by Elon Musk in his ongoing […]

Dept of the Interior scrubs the word ‘squaw’ from 600 sites, and it may be just the beginning

The U.S. Department of the Interior said Thursday it has now removed the word “squaw” from the names of than 600 federally designated lands. The process […]

Even Dems want SC candidate OUT after Veritas stings her TWICE with footage you need to hear to believe

The notion that “Dems eat their own” has become a popular phrase among weary conservatives who have watched with some amusement as we liberal mobs have attacked […]

Sanctuary city mayor ‘welcomes’ migrants bussed from TX, then sends them to GOP-run suburb

The Democratic mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, has previously declared the Windy City a “welcoming sanctuary city,” but when illegal immigrants were bused in from Texas, she […]

Photographer’s free speech win against mandated LGBT support goes to SCOTUS, could set nationwide precedent

A Louisville, Kentucky mother is the latest person to win a victory for free speech in America after a federal district court ruled that a city law […]

Navy bribery fugitive ‘Fat Leonard’ makes leisurely escape after living it up for 7 years under house arrest

Straight out of a spy-thriller, a 350-pound cancer patient nicknamed “Fat Leonard” cut off his ankle monitor and fled house arrest just weeks before he was to […]

NY construction co. offers path to $47/hr career with high school apprenticeships: ‘College isn’t for everybody’

As the war for student loan forgiveness wages on, one New York construction company is offering high school students a different path and the chance to earn […]

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