It’s time to crush the case against the Marine Special Ops Command three

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The Marine Corps has fiercely fought in every American battle for over 246 years. But in […]

Smith & Wesson CEO slams ‘soft on crime’ politicians who have ‘promoted a culture of lawlessness’

Smith and Wesson CEO Mark Smith issued a statement Monday that rebuked leftist politicians for blaming guns and gun owners while at the same time cultivating a […]

Boston Children’s Hospital psychologist claims kids can know they are trans while still in the womb

A now-deleted video from a Boston Children’s Hospital psychologist named Kerry McGregor highlighted how destructive the transgender medical agenda appears to be at the facility by asserting […]

Mike Pence says he would ‘consider’ testifying before Jan. 6 committee ‘if there was an invitation’

Would-be 2024 presidential candidate Mike Pence says he would consider testifying before the partisan January 6 investigatory committee, but he would have to think it over carefully […]

Oof! Alex Wagner’s inaugural show hit with technical glitches as she tries to fill Rachel Maddow’s shoes

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner was off to a rough start during her first show on the network after taking over for Rachel Maddow, with technical glitches causing her […]

Bill Gates reveals he was in Manchin’s ear on climate bill, had to give Schumer a ‘pep talk’ early on

Microsoft co-founder and climate activist Bill Gates was repeatedly in the ear of U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Democrat who enabled the so-called Inflation Reduction […]

Even Jimmy Fallon bewildered by President Biden’s icky hygiene practices at bill signing ceremony

Even Joe Biden fan Jimmy Fallon has implied that the president’s apparently unhygienic interactions during the Inflation Reduction Act signing ceremony seemed odd. (Video: NBC) The NBC […]

‘Defund the police’ squad member sees 30% spike in violent crime in district

U.S. Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) once participated in a conversation where it was argued that looking at rising crime statistics was “hysteria” and that the numbers had […]

Mike Pompeo, CIA sued for alleged ‘outrageous and inappropriate’ spying on Julian Assange meeting

Activist Julian Assange, two journalists, and two attorneys are suing the CIA and its former director, Mike Pompeo, for allegedly spying on them when they visited the […]

Trans student who went viral on TikTok rejected by EVERY sorority during Alabama Rush Week

A transgender student at the University of Alabama sought to join one of the various sororities at the school and was reportedly roundly rejected by every single […]

Alex Berenson announces plan to sue White House for pressuring Twitter to ban him

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson was joined by writer and former journalist Alex Berenson on Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” where the author discussed his reinstatement on Twitter and […]

Tucker delves into Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous client list escaping all the leaking from Biden DOJ

While never-ending corporate media coverage has been afforded to allegations of wrongdoing by former President Donald Trump for nearly as long as he has been involved in […]

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