UN human rights chief calls it quits after failing to investigate genocide in China

Philip Lenczycki, DCNF The United Nations human rights chief announced she would not seek a second term during a U.N. assembly on Monday after failing to investigate […]

‘Outright lie’: Giuliani claps back at Trump campaign aides who claim he was drunk on election night

(Video Credit: MSNBC) Rudy Giuliani clapped back against an aide of former President Donald Trump who claimed in testimony before the House Jan. 6 committee that he […]

Chelsea Manning slams ‘transphobic’ Elon Musk over meme, says US headed for ‘civil conflict’

Former Army intelligence analysist and notorious data leaker Chelsea Manning vented her frustrations to the Daily Beast in an interview Monday that touched on Glenn Greenwald, the […]

‘He’s completely lost his mind’: GOP lawmakers in PA move to impeach woke Philly DA Larry Krasner

(Video Credit: Fox News) Three Philaphia Republicans have begun impeachment proceedings to remove leftist District Attorney Larry Krasner from office for dereliction of duty amid out-of-control crime […]

Rapper leads ‘F**k NYPD’ chant hours after having gun charges dropped without explanation

Rapper Roddy Ricch, whose birth name is Rodrick Moore, had been busted by police on felony gun possession charges, only to have them dropped with no explanation. […]

‘We’re coming for you, bro!’: Bannon goes off on Bill Barr over Jan 6 testimony

Bill Barr better watch his six — proverbially speaking, of course. Now he has an irate Steve Bannon on his case, and that’s something no one needs. […]

Dem lawmaker’s daughter, 17, dies at home days after he voices his ‘tremendous pride’ in her activism

Gwen Casten, the 17-year-old daughter of Democratic Representative Sean Casten of Illinois, has passed away according to the lawmaker’s office. The death occurred on Monday at the […]

Biden’s Dept. of Ed launches initiative to ‘foster a collaborative environment’ with irate parents

A new “parents council” initiative by the US Department of Education suggests that the Biden administration is loing for ways to reach an accommodation with irate parents, […]

Big tech needs more competition, not less

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. From inflation to a sinking stock market, the country has many problems these days. You probably […]

Kardashian hit with criticism, damage claims after wearing iconic Marilyn Monroe gown at Met Gala

Devoted fans of the late Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe have accused Kim Kardashian of damaging the beaded gown made famous by Monroe, who wore it as she […]

Summit of the Americas exposes Biden’s incompetence, dishonesty

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The Biden team is not, as its lofty Summit of America’s words claimed, trying to mitigate […]

‘Pull your children out of school’: Mother reacts to pornographic imagery in OR school district books

The gender-mangled American Left simply refuses to cease its experimentation on student children. Not surprisingly, Oregon is one of the epicenters and Fox News Digital reports that […]

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