Congress urged to exempt immigrants with advanced STEM degrees from green card caps

A group of former United States national security officials is pushing for green card cap exemptions for immigrants with advanced STEM degrees. The officials are requesting that […]

Soros-backed group dumps money behind soft-on-crime candidate in Ark prosecuting attorney race

As is becoming increasingly common among prosecuting attorney races across the United States, a George Soros-backed political group has invested in a progressive candidate with a record […]

Violence — The calling card of the Democratic Party

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The Democrat Party has embraced violence as its modus operandi. The party has sent a message […]

Watch: Russian ambassador blasted in face with red paint during Polish Victory Day parade

As Russian officials attempted to memorialize triumph in WWII on Monday, protestors demanded self-awareness from their leaders in acts of defiance that included symbolically dousing an ambassador […]

Reporter: Protest to ‘intimidate’ Kavanaugh at home one of the ‘scariest things I’ve ever witnessed’

(Video: Fox News) A reporter covering pro-abortion protests outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend has described the scenario “as nothing short […]

Nina Jankowicz, Biden’s disinformation czarina, peddled Trump-Russia collusion hoax

Turns out the new head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board has been peddling some disinformation of her own. Nina Jankowicz, the latest Biden […]

‘Way too late’: Psaki makes U-turn, says White House supports judges and urges non-threatening protests

(Video: CNN) In a statement more likely meant to distance President Joe Biden from any culpability rather than meant as an attempt to “unring the bell,” White […]

Biden quietly grants Amazon $10B contract prior to schmoozing with union organizers at White House

Despite campaign promises and puff piece photo ops to align himself with blue-collar workers, President Joe Biden’s backroom deals have revealed him to be aligned with anti-union […]

Musk says Twitter ‘has a strong left wing bias’ over anti-abortion arson attack, shares what he prefers

Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk continues to have what some might consider red-pill moments. The visionary and quirky Tesla and SpaceX billionaire CEO who bought the influential […]

BLM cofounder confesses it ‘wasn’t the best idea’ to claim she didn’t use $6M LA mansion for fun

Patrisse Cullors, the controversial co-founder of Black Lives Matter and former BLM Global Network Foundation leader, has admitted that she may not entirely have been on the […]

Biden DOJ accused of ‘blatant violation of federal law’ over picketing of conservative justices’ homes

(Video Credit: Fox News) The Department of Justice and the Biden administration stayed mum as radical pro-abortion activists doxxed the six conservative Supreme Court Justices who are […]

White MI councilwoman who characterized response from black colleague as ‘ghetto’ offers apology

A white Michigan city councilwoman’s “knee-jerk reaction” to describe a colleague’s remark as “ghetto” recently drew attention to ongoing concerns of “racism and spitefulness” within the local […]

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