Violence — The calling card of the Democratic Party

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The Democrat Party has embraced violence as its modus operandi. The party has sent a message to its adherents that anything goes in the pursuit of power—from weaponizing the FBI and IRS against political opponents, to rigging elections, to the use of violence. Democrats will not hesitate to deprive you of your basic rights if it suits their purpose. If that entails violent behavior aimed at you, too bad.

A classic example of Democratic Party-supported violence is occurring as mobs attempt to intimidate conservative Supreme Court justices by protesting in front of their homes. Although this is expressly prohibited by federal law, you won’t see the Democrat-controlled Justice Department taking action against the protestors. Breaking the law has become acceptable.

To mask its love of violence, the Democratic Party has used groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter as surrogates. Mark Levin calls Antifa “the paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party.” They show up everywhere with the intention of shutting down free speech. We don’t hear much about it because the mainstream media is the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. Hitler used similar tactics in the 1930s. Hitler’s thugs targeted communists and Jews; Antifa vilifies conservatives and Trump supporters. Our liberal mobs believe their mission is to physically assault anyone who happens to be conservative. They feel justified in doing all the things that the Nazi Party did in Germany.

Antifa is the contemporary version of Hitler’s Brownshirts, whose objective, says Dinesh D’Souza, is to “beat people into obeisance.” With the support of Democrat mayors and governors, violent Antifa mobs have trashed our cities, assaulted Trump supporters, and provided justification for more government control over the individual. What has the DOJ done to stop it? Nothing.

Black Lives Matter is another ally of the Democrats. BLM is a criminal enterprise using race as an excuse for the violent overthrow of the civil society. Based on the false narrative that cops are killing blacks, BLM places the blame for all the ills of black America on the shoulders of a so-called tradition of white racism. Racism justifies everything, they insist, including the use of violence.

“BLM believes in force,” says Fox’s Tucker Carlson. “They flood the streets with angry young people who break things and hurt anyone who gets in the way. Until violence stops working, violence will continue.” A BLM spokesman said, “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.”

“Democrats,” Carlson said, “believe their long-term goals align with those of BLM.” In other words, the Democratic Party hopes to gain power through anarchy and the mob. No matter where you live, liberal mobs will see to it that you can’t express conservative ideas in public. If you decide to wear a MAGA hat, you place yourself at risk of assault. If you refuse to bow down to the demands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, they will burn your house to the ground with you in it.

You don’t see Republicans engaged in organized violence. All of the cities experiencing the recent rash of rioting and looting are run by Democrats. Uncivilized behavior is a monopoly of the Left. “It’s leftists who are chanting ‘death to America,’” David Harsanyi wrote in National Review, “not MAGA-hatted shock troops.” Ted Van Dyk writes in the Wall Street Journal that, “The pretense of peaceful protest is rapidly disappearing. Deaths, serious injuries, arson, public and private property damage, and economic dislocation have resulted.”

The Left is rooting for the breakdown of civil society as part of their strategy to “divide and conquer.” Then they can take over and impose their version of a socialist paradise. It goes against the bulwark of our republic—the rule of law. The U.S. Constitution and our legal system give us a set of rules that we can depend on. The Constitution protects us from anarchy.

“Without laws to create civil societies,” population expert Frosty Wooldridge wrote in Sonoran News, “no city, no state, no nation, no people and no civilization can long endure the vagaries of lawlessness.” The failure of Democrat-led city and state governments to prevent rioting represents a movement away from civilization toward a new dark age. Civilization and anarchy are mutually exclusive. A civilized society cannot tolerate lawlessness. For that reason, and that reason alone, the current violence supported by the Democratic Party is completely unacceptable.

“The woke Left leads the charge to destroy civil society,” A.J. Rice wrote in American Greatness. “They believe they’re above and beyond any criticism, and have the right to attack you for questioning them.” Whatever you say that is critical of leftist ideology is called hate speech. “Non-politically correct speech is the equivalent of violence,” Andrew Sullivan wrote in New York Magazine, “and so must be shut down.” For the Democrats, violence may be used to justify violence. If your speech equates to violence, then the Democrats are ready to use violence to enforce your silence.

“Blurring the lines between rhetoric and actual violence has been a core strategy on the Left for years,” said Rice. “Their aim has been to criminalize speech they disagree with, while making it acceptable to engage in physical violence whenever they want.” The justification of violent behavior is not a two-way street. If you are Republican, you will be prosecuted for merely a hint of violence. Contrast the leniency accorded thousands of violent leftist rioters in the summer of 2020 with the draconian treatment of the non-violent January 6th Capitol protestors, who were looked upon as Trump supporters.

If you agree with the liberal playbook, you get all the justice and fairness that money can buy. But if you are conservative and a Trump supporter, you are subjected to a double standard. Sorry. Justice and fair play do not apply to you. The Justice Department, FBI, CIA, and other federal agencies have been taken over by the left-wingers of the Deep State. Their allegiance is to the Democratic Party—a party whose allegiance is to the use of violence as a political tool.


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Ed Brodow


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8 days ago

“You don’t see Republicans engaged in organized violence.” You don’t see it, you excuse it, reward it and encourage it! January 6th is one example. It wasn’t any of the multiple conspiracy laden and propaganda driven explanations other than it was Trump supporters! Would Trump be saying, “We love you” to anyone but his own?

It’s established as fact now that Trump saw the events unfolding that day. And as typically Trump, he attempts to lay blame on someone else for what was his willful failure to carry out a legal and Constitutional responsibility. So where was Trump’s ‘leadership for three hours on January 6th? The D.C. National Guard is the only National Guard unit, out of all of the 54 states and territories, which reports only to the President.

Under D.C. Law: Code of the District of Columbia § 49–409 and Executive Order 11485 — The president of the United States is the commander-in-chief for the District of Columbia National Guard. Subject to the direction of the President as Commander-in-Chief, the Secretary may order out the National Guard under title 39 of the District of Columbia Code to aid the civil authorities of the District of Columbia.b b

In this unique case, Trump is responsible for both local and national leadership and to provide aid to the civil authorities of the District of Columbia if needed. He had no problem sending in thousands of National Guard troops to Washington, D.C. against American citizens peacefully protesting the killing of George Floyd. 

Yet he simply watches helpless for three hours while the Capitol and democracy is under siege and does nothing about it. Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene downplayed the 6 January Capitol insurrection, arguing that it “only happened one time”. She goes as far to say, “the only way to save our Republic is for Trump to call for ‘Marshall’ law.” She’s calling for the wrong ‘Martial’, however.

“the draconian treatment of the non-violent January 6th Capitol protestors, who were looked upon as Trump supporters.” Really, non violent huh? They were confessed Trump supporters by their own admission. “Their aim has been to criminalize speech they disagree with, while making it acceptable to engage in physical violence whenever they want.”

Free speech is not absolute – US law does recognize a number of important restrictions to free speech. It precludes speech that is harmful to others, threatening, incitement, defamation, fraud and obscenity. “Their allegiance is to the Democratic Party—a party whose allegiance is to the use of violence as a political tool.” 

The January 6 insurrection on the Capitol had echoed the November 2000 Brooks Brothers riot. The Brooks Brothers riot revived a new blueprint for electoral disputes, one that openly deployed violence and intimidation to frighten officials into discarding legitimate votes. 

Like the January 6, 2021 pro-Trump siege on the US Capitol, it was sought to replace the rule of law with mob rule. The participants of the demonstration, primarily organized by senior Bush campaign official Brad Blakeman and Roger Stone.

 A local GOP leader in North Carolina attempted to intimidate a county elections chief unless she aided in giving him unauthorized access to official voting equipment.Trump himself has promoted violence against others during his rallies. 

Donald Trump Jr. told supporters to ‘give Kamala Harris a nice Trump Train welcome’ and ‘show them how strong Texas still is as Trump county. A Biden-Harris campaign bus was surrounded on the highway Friday by a caravan of vehicles flying Trump flags. A group of trucks tried to slow the vehicle down and run it off the road. As well, a group of the same 12 cars has been following the bus all around the country.

“Violence — The calling card of the Democratic Party” It’s just the political equivalent of an old idiom, ‘The pot calling the kettle black’. It’s when one person criticizes another for a fault the first person also has or simply known as hypocrisy!

Trump recently joked about, “Which would you rather be, a dumb person or a dictator?” Trump’s answer, “Perhaps a dictator would be better.” At least he answered truthfully there. Doesn’t every Autocrat see themselves as a ‘dictator’? It would be ‘dumb’of them not too. 

The use of authoritarianism generally goes hand-in-hand with autocratic politics.I never thought I would see an American political party that would degrade itself to an authoritarian political party where anything goes, no matter what the crimes are. 

Before Republican party leaders would have never considered speaking at a white supremacist conference where attendees have defended Vladimir Putin and praised Adolf Hitler.

Trump has ripped both college and NFL players who have kneeled during their games. He was openly disparaging of something that is protected by the First Amendment. You have the right, through your actions, to refrain from speech. For example: you don’t have to salute the flag; you have the right to take a knee during the National Anthem. 

Last edited 8 days ago by shirebrook
Noble Member
15 days ago

Just one of the millions and millions of reasons for eradicating every dumacrat on the planet!!!!

Noble Member
15 days ago

History “DOES” repeat itself”. WE “ARE” living it TODAY! Our “congress” is run by left wing “mad men”,this”note”interrupted-by-RUMBLE_&_APPLE,so-everything’s-“hyphenated”-BECAUSE_my-Spacer-won’t-work-!ANY-“WAY”-to-shut-down-free-speech!-Wilbur,-“we”-have-the-same-problem!Just-hit-hyphonate-to-get-your-thoughts-across!GOOD-that-you-said-that’s-it’s-BIZPAC!-I-“thought”-that-“it”-was-just-me.It’s-either-a-MAC-OR-APPLE!-“THEY”-don’t-want-“us”-to-“say”-ANYTHING!

Noble Member
15 days ago

I hope they try to leave a “calling card” at my house.

Trusted Member
15 days ago

Good of you to finally catch up to what I have been saying for several years. The DemocraticPartyisadomesticterroristorganization-BLM,Antifa,theKKK.Thisisn’tnew.Yourcommentingsystemisgarbage.Whathappenedtospaces?EverytimeIhitan”f”avideotakesoverthescreenandstartsup.bizpacreviewhasavirus.

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