The Crown Act, a bill to ‘end hair discrimination,’ awaits action in US Senate

A 16 year old powerlifter at Bruce High School in Mississippi was almost disqualified from the state championship powerlifting competition for nothing more than her unique hairstyle. […]

Govt. shutdown on table for some in GOP determined to squeeze Biden DHS ‘disinformation’ board

Hardliner congressional Republicans are reportedly hellbent on defunding the Biden administration’s widely panned Disinformation Governance Board, even if that means shutting down the government. “House GOP Republicans, […]

DC eyeglass store hit by smash and grab thieves, who get away with loot valued at $20K

Amid rising crime in Washington, D.C., where local leaders shift blame rather than seeking viable solutions, larceny has spread to the suburbs with authorities seeking suspects responsible […]

Peer tells teachers parents at fault if trans students don’t ‘present in the way you think they need to’

CHECK OUT and for holiday gifts and awesome snarky swag! A self-described “queer” teacher is facing scrutiny and anger over a stunning video he posted […]

NPR’s infamously wrong Nina Totenberg: It ‘makes sense’ Supreme Court leaker a ‘conservative clerk’

(Video: ABC) In a display of mudslinging disguised as journalism, one NPR reporter maintained her track record of laying unsubstantiated claims related to the Supreme Court when […]

Glenn Greenwald pulverizes former Lincoln Project grifter and leftist ‘moral hero’ Steve Schmidt

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt lashed out at conservative pundit Meghan McCain after her new book posted sales numbers so abysmal that they were downright embarrassing, taking […]

‘Social justice warriors can kick rocks’: Tom Hanks’ son Chet blows off ‘cultural appropriation’ claims

With a stoicism and premise denying response that many politicians could learn a lesson from, celebrity Chet Hanks had no qualms telling activist detractors that, as far […]

Mitch McConnell says national ban on abortion ‘possible’ if Roe overturned

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said late last week that a national abortion ban was “possible” if Roe v Wade were to be overturned this year. This […]

MSNBC’s Cross fields panel of white women to bash less-educated Republican-voting white women

Known MSNBC bigot and racist Tiffany Cross teamed up with three far-left white women Saturday to denigrate and excoriate white women, claiming that they deserve blame for […]

Rosanna Arquette claims conservative SC justices are a ‘satanic force’ enabling ‘organ trafficking’ market

The great Twitter fever swamp that is inhabited by leftist moonbats has been boiling over this week in the aftermath of a leaked Supreme Court document that […]

Book in NYC schools: Whites ‘sorted people by skin color and said white people were better’

Another example of Critical Race Theory being promoted in public school education was brought to light after New York City parents voiced their concerns over a children’s […]

Missing prison guard may be dressed as old woman, ‘lover’ and murderer as woman in wheelchair: Grace

If you recently spotted a disturbingly ugly and tall woman in a wheelchair being wheeled around by an elderly woman, you probably spotted accused Alabama murderer Casey […]