NPR’s infamously wrong Nina Totenberg: It ‘makes sense’ Supreme Court leaker a ‘conservative clerk’

(Video: ABC)

In a display of mudslinging disguised as journalism, one NPR reporter maintained her track record of laying unsubstantiated claims related to the Supreme Court when she dismissed any other possible origin for the SCOTUS leak other then a “conservative clerk who was afraid.”

NPR’s legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg appeared on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday where she was asked to assess the situation surrounding the release of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft majority opinion for the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Host Martha Raddatz brought her guest into the segment by commenting on the lengthy duration for which Totenberg has covered SCOTUS.

Raddatz then asked, based on Totenberg’s experience with the court, “How much has this leak rattled the institution and the way it’s viewed?”

“Well, the way it’s viewed, it’s an earthquake. And I think within the court itself it’s an earthquake. There has never been a leak like this. There have been minor little springs that have emerged from the court…reports of a tentative vote, or misbehavior by one Justice back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, there were lea- those kinds of leaks. But never an entire draft of a majority opinion,” the reporter began laying out the certain facts of the matter rather succinctly.

It was then that Totenberg reverted to her unscrupulous bias, opining under the guise of journalism by stating, “That has never ever occurred before and it can only, in all likelihood, have come from a Justice. That I think is less likely. Perhaps one of the clerks, and the leading theory is a conservative clerk, who was afraid that one of the conservatives might be persuaded by Chief Justice Roberts to join a much more moderate opinion.”

Her “leading theory” was presented without evidence and one need only look back to this January to find that Totenberg has a history of making claims that even the Justices have dismissed as nonsense. Earlier this year she reported that Justice Neil Gorsuch had allegedly refused to wear a mask during oral arguments and thus forced Justice Sonia Sotomayor to work remotely from her office out of concerns for her health.

After the story gained traction, with many other SCOTUS correspondents spreading the unfounded allegations and demonstrating the inherent problem with corporate media, the Justices discredited any veracity to the story and yet it persisted.

Even more famously, Totenberg was responsible for spreading Anita Hill’s sexual assault allegations against Justice Clarence Thomas when he had been nominated to the Supreme Court. Her history demonstrates her objective is to further the cause of a progressive judiciary, so naturally her baseless claims are promoted and perpetuated.

“And then there’s another theory that it was an outraged liberal clerk,” Totenberg went on and brushed that entirely aside. “But I think the only one that makes sense is that it came from somebody who was afraid that this majority might not hold, that Chief Justice Roberts might persuade one of the conservatives to come over to him in a much more moderate opinion.”

As to whether they’ll discover the responsible party, Totenberg said, “I think it’s very unlikely.”

Of course, that also dismisses the reality that the public knows Politico obtained the leak from someone. Furthermore, considering the warm reception that a liberal clerk would receive from corporate media and the Democrats, including the likelihood of book deals, it probably won’t take long for profit motive to override a future legal career and for the leaker to out themselves.


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25 thoughts on “NPR’s infamously wrong Nina Totenberg: It ‘makes sense’ Supreme Court leaker a ‘conservative clerk’

  1. This poor excuse for a journalist has been wrong more than AL GORE and his predictions.

  2. Does anyone (American citizen) still GAF about this side-show circus? What about the cost of food, housing, gas, insurance, credit card debt, illegal immigration, rising crime, WWIII with “Russia”, forced “vaccinations”, and all of that “other stuff” the Democrats have brought to each and every one of us via a POTUS who can’t remember who his wife/sister are or what country he’s speaking from? I’m to overlook ALL of THAT in favor of retaining the “right” to kill my baby in my home town and not have to travel to another state in order to do so?

    1. I care about it, since I’m hoping that every pinch of common sense and moral decency we can win back will add up to something better for this country. Most of the other problems you bring up, while not related to this issue, have moral failings underlying their current state. And not just because a lot of cheating had to happen for us to get an incompetent, hawkish weather vane into office.

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  3. Makes sense to me. The current 5 member majority might be open to loss of one – my guess is Gorsuch is most likely to be persuaded.

    Roberts is not interested in the Roberts court rewriting the entire judicial decisions of the last 50 years. Either Kavanaugh or Gorsuch may defect,

  4. Why would a conservative leak something that would jeopardize the pro-life position of the leak? It does not make sense!

  5. She’s a hack who tried her worst against Justice Thomas and deserves the disdain mentioned in this article.

  6. Nina should have been convicted and sent to prison for her role in the Thomas confirmation hearing. She constructed the script Anita Hill used in her testimony and coached Anita on how o present herself.

    A number of Dems voted Yes specifically because Hills live testimony was radically different from what she offered the Committee during the early stages.

    Totenberg was one of the engineers behind the attacks on Thomas. At the very minimum NPR should have fired her and blacklisted her.

  7. Rioters were already prepared with printed signs waiting for the leak aka diversion to why corrupt Democrats were in Ukraine with Biden increasing Ukraine support from $800 million to $33 Billion + with the drop of 2000 Mules provide more proof just from ballot boxes alone Democrats stole a Presidential election from Voters! If you add up the vote flipping from the machines, duplicate ballot counting Biden didn’t even get close to winning!
    In all counts without the fraud he got the least votes than any other Presidential election in history! He campaigned less and had the help of many to prop him up like a weekend at Bernie’s!

  8. NPR must mean National Propaganda Resources.
    Well, we now know where Hermann Göring went.

  9. It is npr……they are as dense as the bidump administration. You can not get any more stupid or be further in denial!!!!

  10. They believe it was a Sotameyrt clerk so that would not be a conservative. Stands to reason a Democrat, leftist would do this to cause the protests and hysteria

    1. Is there a chance that by leaking the draft report at this time that it will take more of the steam out of the protests by the time the elections roll around than would have been the case had the decision been released at, say, the end of June or in early July?

      1. I don’t know, but if they waste all their effort and energy on this, maybe we’ll reach a point where they’re too tired to cause trouble should their party get the trouncing we all need.

  11. And conservative people are doing the shooting in Chicago! Friggin people are so pathetic.

  12. The Wide Latina’s commie, Yale clerk is still at the top of the suspect list.

  13. That baboon faced nutcase is nothing more than a pawn for the left wing. Just another Crow Magnum woman with the same mentality. All she knows is squat.

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