Gov. Kristi Noem’s ‘Sparklers Suck’ family 4th of July tweet compares Biden’s America to Trump’s

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem gave a sobering reminder in a Fourth of July tweet about just how bleak President Joe Biden’s America is while proving yet […]

Why a top Democrat who once called voter ID laws ‘suppression’ does a complete 180

The about-face Democrats are doing on voter identification laws is beginning to rival the rapid flip seen from the media on the possibilities that COVID-19 escaped from […]

Someone began singing the ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’ store full of TX Walmart shoppers stopped and joined

‘Attention Walmart shoppers’ perhaps got a new meaning on July 3 when customers in a Dallas-Fort Worth-area store stopped what they were doing and spontaneously began singing […]

Maxine Waters joins in 4th of July-bashing: ‘Equal to what? Only white men?’

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) went on an anti-American rant over the 4th of July, railing against the Declaration of Independence and the concept that all men […]

Mike Lindell says by Aug 13 results will come to overturn 2020 election, including some Senate seats

Mike Lindell has announced a date for Donald Trump’s proposed reinstatement as president in August. “The morning of August 13, it will be the talk of the […]

Bill Cosby unloads pent-up anger: ‘Mainstream media are the Insurrectionists, who stormed the Capitol …’

Bill Cosby blasted the mainstream media for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot while calling them out for knowingly, intentionally, and dishonestly misleading the public concerning his overturned […]

Beautiful footage mom took of unguarded singing babysitter goes viral

A video depicting a babysitter being secretly recorded while singing a song from “The Little Mermaid” is taking the web by storm. The TikTok video has been […]

Disney removes ‘ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls’ from park greeting to be more gender inclusive

To promote inclusion, Walt Disney World in Florida has reportedly removed the words “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” from the pre-show announcement for its “Happily Ever […]

NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson offered to pay his mom to delete Instagram: ‘I don’t need your money’

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has offered his conservatively vocal mom money if she will delete her Instagram account and she has refused, saying she doesn’t […]

1 dead, 3 critically injured after amusement park ride flips

Steven Hall, DCNF A raft overturned on a water ride at an Iowa amusement park on Saturday, killing one person and critically injuring three, officials said. A […]

Judge orders Ghislaine Maxwell to turn over docs revealing funding from Clinton Foundation, Bill’s role

A judge has ruled that Ghislaine Maxwell must turn over documents related to her personal affairs, including records that may reveal more about her finances and her […]

Why it’s profoundly damaging to make us all agree that someone is whatever gender they say they are

With several transgender athletes set to compete in the upcoming XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo, a new book weighs in on the controversial subject of transactivism and the […]

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