David Limbaugh: Kamala Harris just keeps getting worse

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. No matter how mentally diminished President Joe Biden is, you have to be horrified by who […]

California appeals federal judge’s ruling overturning ‘assault weapons’ ban

California is appealing a federal judge’s ruling last week tossing out the state’s years-old ban on so-called “assault weapons,” with officials claiming that a half-dozen other federal […]

BPR’s top cartoons of the day: Root cause

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

Passengers gone wild: Crew member lectures whiny and RUDE travelers for making flight a ‘living hell’

It appears as though so many months in lockdown isolation has made people forget how to behave in public. Flight attendants aboard an American Airlines flight to […]

WaPo fact-checker late to the party, notes ‘serious new reporting’ on previously pooh-poohed Wuhan lab leak

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE CHECK OUT WeThePeople.store for best SWAG! The Washington Post and its so-called “fact-checker,” Glenn Kessler, […]

Oregon House expels Republican Rep. for helping protesters enter state Capitol in near unanimous vote

The Oregon House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to expel four-term Republican state Rep. Mike Nearman on Thursday for allegedly assisting protesters who breached the state Capitol last […]

‘Man, oh, man’: Taxpayer-funded NPR’s poor attempt to bash capitalism a major backfire

An unexpected (and arguably unwelcome) fashion crossover between Crocs and luxury brand Balenciaga prompted a capitalism-bashing tweet from taxpayer-funded National Public Radio. It’s no surprise that a […]

Tucker: Look to kids and COVID to see erosion of civil liberties, vaccines may be more harmful than the virus

Fox News host Tucker Carlson began his Thursday night program citing statistics from Israel that show increasing numbers of young people, and men in particular, are contracting […]

Former asst. FBI director: Arresting GOP Congress members may be needed to really tackle terrorism

Former assistant FBI director Frank Figliuzzi suggested that in order to prevent a repeat of January 6, Republican members of Congress, as well as some Trump administration […]

California mom’s one-handed catch, while holding a baby, at MLB game takes internet by storm

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE CHECK OUT WeThePeople.store for best SWAG! Some Americans were born to catch foul balls. One […]

Victor Davis Hanson makes compelling case for why leftists ‘have minds of children’, take AOC for instance

Hoover Institute senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on Thursday night to discuss the Biden administration “recreating language.” The renowned political […]

Former NFL star’s 8-yr-old son telling siblings he’s receiving a new heart is the beautiful moment we all need

With all the bandwidth consumed by polarized politics-related disputes, sometimes people forget about the more important things closer to home such as family and how most Americans […]