Andrew Giuliani lets TikTok personality ‘Crackhead Barney’ get the better of him during insane exchange

For those thinking about running for elected office, even in a blue state like New York, a potential candidate may want to make a personal note to […]

Jesse Kelly rails against emboldened Jill and brittle ‘half-there’ Joe: Am I supposed to enjoy this little sitcom?

The First TV’s Jesse Kelly blasted first lady Jill Biden during a segment on his Thursday evening program as adding to the perception that President Joe Biden […]

Bill Hemmer explodes talking about ungrateful Ilhan Omar: ‘Can she ever fly the flag, maybe just once for us?’

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer took strong exception with Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comment comparing the United States and Israel to Hamas, Afghanistan, and the Taliban, asking why […]

‘They promised’: Dem activist actress feels betrayed, calls Kamala Harris’ migrant comments ‘a slap in the face’

Actress and Latina activist America Ferrera tore into Vice President Kamala Harris after she made “cruel” comments that purportedly told potential immigrants not to come to the […]

CNN, NYT lead shameless media pack as another ginned-up Trump conspiracy crashes and burns

Twitter threadster and freelance writer Drew Holden took to Twitter Thursday to chide several media outlets who falsely reported that then-President Donald Trump ordered protesters gassed and […]

Ron Johnson demands answers from Capitol Police about officers who appeared to let protesters in

Sen. Ron Johnson has sent a letter to acting Capitol Police Chief Yolanda Pittman demanding answers to several questions including why in video footage of the Jan. […]

Arrogant Acosta claims to have inside scoop as he trashes Fox News, calls Tucker Carlson ‘race-baiting tyrant’

Not having President Donald Trump to kick around anymore, CNN struggles to come up with a new boogieman to scare people enough to tune in to the […]

Precious metal-backed stablecoins: The best of both worlds?

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Inflation has been a regular fixture of the news cycle for many months and will certainly […]

Does congressional grilling of Colonial Pipeline CEO foreshadow additional governmental intervention?

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Over the past few days, members of Congress grilled the CEO of Colonial Pipeline during a […]

Kat Timpf hilariously GOES OFF on Fauci, knows he’s ‘completely insane’ because he doesn’t ding her sex meter

Recently-married Fox News contributor Kat Timpf hilariously summed up Dr. Fauci on the Gutfeld! show Thursday evening as “completely insane.” Her mockery comes after the high-profile immunologist […]

America the beautiful?

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Most of us will never live under “for spacious skies” or anywhere near those “amber waves […]

BlackRock under fire amid reports private-equity firms are ‘snapping up single-family houses’

With home prices taking off, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, is taking heat for outbidding typical buyers of single-family homes, reportedly increasing the demand and driving […]

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