Biden’s economic advisor says ‘global minimum corporation tax’ is needed

President Joe Biden’s economic advisor repeatedly defended the administration’s push for a “global minimum tax” on corporations citing a need for everyone to pay their “fair share.” […]

Don’t recognize the Republican party? Tucker Carlson has some compelling thoughts.

The priorities of Republican Party leadership are different than their voters. We know what Republicans want, because they finally got it in 2016, but that is rare. […]

Facebook Oversight Board to rule on Trump ban Wednesday

Facebook’s Oversight Board will announce its decision on the case weighing whether to permanently ban or reinstate former President Trump’s account on Wednesday. The board tweeted the update […]

Scoop: GOP leaders threaten Cheney ouster

Top Republicans are turning on Rep. Liz Cheney, the party’s highest-ranking woman in Congress, with one conservative leader suggesting she could be ousted from her GOP post […]

Female ‘Cuomosexuals’ form Facebook page, flood NY hotline to show love, support for handsy gov

A group of self-described “Cuomosexuals” has formed a Facebook page called “Women for Governor Cuomo” to show support for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo after more than […]

BLM protesters, some armed, harass outdoor diners until one patron shows gun of his own

There was a tense standoff in Louisville, Kentucky over the weekend when Black Lives Matter protesters set upon a group of diners sitting in a restaurant’s outdoor […]

Sen. Susan Collins ‘appalled’ by RINO Mitt Romney getting booed, defends Liz Cheney

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) remarked on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that she was “appalled” when Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) was booed by GOP delegates during […]

Harry Potter quiz nixed from book festival as J.K. Rowling is #canceled again

J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, is facing backlash once again for her “transphobic” comments. A literary festival in Feathertown, New Zealand has canceled […]

Media fawns over Kamala for knitting and fashion during first 100 days of ‘vice-presidential style’

The major media outlets are dishing out light, airy content about Vice President Kamala Harris, including coverage of her fashion sense and knitting, while giving short shrift […]

Landslide! Candidates against ‘critical race theory’ SWEEP Texas school board election

The liberal construct known as “critical race theory” was on the ballot in the town of Southlake, Texas, and the divisive doctrine suffered a decisive loss. An […]

Alan Dershowitz agrees to help Rudy: FBI’s raid on Giuliani is ‘unconstitutional’

Constitutional law scholar Alan Dershowitz has slammed the early morning FBI raid at Rudy Giuliani’s apartment as an occurrence akin to what might occur in a repressive […]

Biden pushes wearing masks despite being vaccinated: ‘It’s a patriotic responsibility for God’s sake’

President Joe Biden is continuing to wear a mask outdoors despite advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because he contends it’s a “patriotic responsibility” […]