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Attention-starved liberal tart announces what sex act she won’t do. Republican men react.

Conservatives on aren’t losing any sleep over a vow by a social media influencer that she allegedly is unwilling to bed down with any non-Democrat, at […]

DeSantis slaps fines on cruise ships for vaccine passports, journos report he ‘wants passengers to get sick’

Journalist and long-time follower of the Grateful Dead, Jim Roberts, is accusing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of wanting cruise ship passengers to get sick because he has […]

Matt LeBlanc all the rage after ‘Friends’ reunion, ‘Irish uncle’ comparisons dominate online chatter

The much anticipated “Friends” reunion special aired Thursday, May 27, on HBO Max, and by all accounts was a hit. The special featured the show’s six original […]

Actress Rosanna Arquette invokes Meghan McCain’s dead dad to her for Memorial Day: ‘He’d be disgusted by your crap’

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain to the high road and politely clapped back at a left-wing political strategist in a since-eted tweet on Sunday after he insulted […]

HS principal gets led off by cops after going off-script in graduation speech

This will be a graduation to remember. Ben Nakamura, former Stagg High School principal, is being accused of using Thursday’s graduation ceremony to “air his own grievances” […]

Ric Grenell swats Fall-For-It-All Swalwell, who hasn’t been owned this bad since Fang Fang

The we see of U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., the better we can understand why Communist China appeared to target him with a sultry spy named […]

Texas sheriff terminates 11 employees, suspends 6 more over inmate’s death

Texas Sheriff Ed Gonzalez has fired 11 department employees and has suspended another six without pay in connection to the alleged murder of an inmate who was […]

Gruesome torture and beheading of cellmate went unnoticed by California prison guards

Guards at a California prison somehow did not notice the satanic torture and beheading of an inmate until well after the fact, according to a recently published […]

Kellogg’s debuts box of ‘Together with Pride’ cereal to celebrate preferred gender pronouns

Breakfast-food maker Kellogg’s is putting a limited-edition “Together with Pride” cereal on supermarket shelves in collaboration with LGBTQ+ advocacy group GLAAD in a product launch timed for […]

Ex-con spent over 10 years in prison is now running for Judge in the Bronx

In a story that proves the American dream is still alive and well, a man named Angel Cruz is aiming to go from “public enemy to public […]

Alleged Neo-Nazi, planning a mass shooting at Walmart, arrested in Texas, police say

Kaylee Greenlee, DCNF Law enforcement arrested an alleged neo-Nazi who was planning a mass shooting at a Walmart in Texas a local police department announced Sunday. Coleman […]

Steve Hilton goes after corporate America for helping make ‘woke-ism’ the ‘new religion’

Fox News host Steve Hilton to a deep dive into how corporations in America have made weism the “new religion,” as the ‘The Next Revolution‘ host bre […]

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