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Attention-starved liberal tart announces what sex act she won’t do. Republican men react.

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Conservatives on Twitter aren’t losing any sleep over a vow by a social media influencer that she allegedly is unwilling to bed down with any non-Democrat, at least based on wardrobe symbolism that she shared on social media.

Angela Belcamino took to Twitter and Instagram, in an unflattering pose, wearing a T-shirt that read “Don’t F— Republicans.” Above the image, she asked “who agrees?” It turns out that a lot of people don’t.

Belcamino, who has about 175,000 and 62,000 Twitter and Instagram followers respectively, writes in her bio that she is an actor, while also noting that she was once blocked on social media by former President Trump.

In retrospect, that may have been a prudent online decision by the ex-POTUS, but that’s another matter.

It’s not entirely clear, so far, if she is trying to monetize the T-shirts, but common sense suggests that this would not be out of the realm of possibility.

As a matter of day-to-day interaction, and in general, many right-leaning individuals can often put politics aside when seeking a compatible partner.

Many feel that people on the conservative side typically tend to have a live-and-let-live or agree-to-disagree approach, a mindset they — as a practical matter — develop in the context of various personal or business relationships along the way.


For the left, however, the personal is almost always political, and every activity is subject to becoming politicized, as referenced, in part, by the current woke-driven cancel culture.

With so many Democrats caught up in tawdry #MeToo scandals in which women are disrespected and abused, or worse, moreover, excluding Republicans from the potential dating pool might seem rather short-sighted.

In any event, while many Twitter liberals approved of the imagery, others are providing a rhetorical tongue-lashing, as it were, including one who cited a Yahoo Finance article about birthrate data that indicates that Republicans have more kids than Democrats.

Here is a sampling (warning for language, plus be advised that love is not in the air):

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