‘Orwellian conformity’: Texas university sued for canceling a charity drag show

Spectrum WT, an LGBTQ student organization at West Texas A&M University, sued university officials Friday morning after President Walter Wendler canceled its charity drag show scheduled for […]

LGBT activists, parents sue Florida over gender transition ban for kids

Four families backed by multiple LGBT activist groups filed a federal lawsuit against Florida on Thursday, challenging its new rule banning gender transition procedures for minors. The […]

Border patrol busts stash house full of illegal migrants in northern border state

Border Patrol agents in Maine busted a stash house full of illegal migrants Tuesday, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statement. Authorities found 17 […]

Missiles rain down on US base in Syria after retaliatory airstrikes on Iran-backed group

A U.S. base in Syria’s Al Omar region came under attack Friday after the U.S. conducted retaliatory airstrikes on an Iran-backed group, Reuters reported, citing a security […]

Trump calls Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg a ‘SOROS BACKED ANIMAL’ and left calls it racist

The best sign that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s politically-motivated criminal probe of Donald Trump is hitting a wall may be that the Trump-haters on the left […]

‘I’m begging!’ Megyn Kelly pleads for help to stop trans athlete ‘farce’ once and for all

Conservative journalist Megyn Kelly thinks she knows a way to finally put an end to the absurd practice of allowing biological males to compete in competitive sports […]

San Fran. supervisor needs an added $50mil to establish ‘Office of Reparations’ to handle payouts

The San Francisco supervisor who initially proposed reparations be paid to black city residents is now demanding an additional $50 million be set aside for him to […]

Chicago Blackhawks won’t wear special ‘pride’ jerseys as another NHL team body checks ‘woke’ agenda

The National Hockey League’s Chicago Blackhawks set off cries of rage across “we” when the team decided that it wouldn’t wear LGBTQIA+ jerseys during warmups before […]

Parents should pay close attention to sex ed curriculum

The facts of life haven’t changed, but sex education is entirely different now from what you likely learned in school. Sex ed in middle school now includes […]

Washington Post poll inadvertently finds vast majority of ‘trans’ people aren’t really transgender

Most adults who identify as transgender don’t consistently identify as the opposite sex or present themselves as such, according to a Thursday poll from The Washington Post […]

‘Intimidating parents into silence’: Garland’s FBI order on school meetings had ‘chilling’ effect, attorney testifies

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s order directing the FBI to “use its authority” on people who protested at school board meetings led to “intimidating parents into silence,” an […]

Southwest passenger assists plane landing after pilot has medical emergency mid-flight

A Southwest plane had to be taken over by a pilot who happened to be riding as a passenger after the pilot had a medical emergency and […]

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