Newsmax panel discussion on Trump vs. DeSantis gets heated: ‘You sound like a Democrat!’

The split in the Republican base between supporters of former President Donald J. Trump and others wanting to go with a fresh face without the baggage in […]

Resistance growing as CA parents boycott school’s ‘Pride’ assembly: ‘Keep your kids home’

Incensed North Hollywood, California parents have had enough and are urging others to stand together and keep their children home on June 2 because of a school […]

Machete-wielding professor WALKS free, grabs lunch after Bronx judge lets her out

Under the criminal-friendly New York City criminal justice system not even holding a machete to the neck of a potential victim will keep you in jail. George […]

Tearful Indiana doctor who performed 10-year-old Ohio girl’s abortion hit with fine for pursuing ‘agenda’

Following the repeal of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court in June 2022, Dr. Caitlin Bernard made a name for herself after she performed an abortion […]

Ex-Google CEO says evildoers could use AI to ‘harm or kill many, many, many, many people’

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has warned that artificial intelligence (AI) could be “misused by evil people” to cause harm, even death. Speaking this week at The […]

Activist tears down, stomps on Target ‘Pride’ sign as boycott costs ‘woke’ retailer billions

Target customers have been speaking with their wallets and bos as a growing boycott of the retail giant over its promotion of transgenderism and marketing of homosexuality […]

Christians Chip and Joanna Gaines called on to speak up against Target, as they continue partnership

As June approaches and Pride Month looms on the horizon, Target seems determined to “Bud Light” themselves as they try desperately to walk the thin we […]

Franklin Graham warns Christians to ‘get ready and be prepared’ for coming ‘storm’

As chaos and evil rip through the United States and across the planet, the Reverend Franklin Graham is warning Christians to brace themselves for a “coming storm” […]

Machete-wielding professor claims she’s the real victim in defiant statement after firing

Marxist Manhattan College art professor Shellyne Rodriguez was fired after reportedly holding a machete to the throat of a New York Post reporter who was questioning her […]

Top cop bluntly brands Gen-Z workers part of the neediest generation, craving continuous praise

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw told a Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs committee on Thursday that Gen-Z workers need praise three times a week, which is […]

‘There’s poop everywhere’: Report details smelly third-world San Fran squalor

San Francisco’s Office District is now a ghost town thanks to progressive policies favoring criminals and the homeless and it’s also covered in feces, requiring the “poop […]

KJP snaps when asked why Biden jetting off despite no agreement on debt ceiling

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre became fed up when a reporter pointed out that all of the doom-saying behind the debt ceiling doesn’t appear to be […]